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DVR question/help needed

I see some of you posting DVR in the subject heading so... here goes...

1. Is there anyway to set it to record a show every time it's on (automatically not going in manually) and it NOT cut off the last 5 - 10 seconds of the show?

Like, The Office... it always stops recording JUST at the very end.... so, I miss the last little punch line.

2. Is there a way to set it to record a show even if it runs over the time it says it's on. Like, for The Amazing Race... if 60 Minutes runs over into Amazing Race time... it doesn't know to record The Amazing Race longer. It just stops when it says it's over on "the guide".

** we compensate for these problems by setting up to tape the show after the show we actually want to watch... so, we have to start watching the next show to see the ending of The Office... or the rest of The Amazing Race. Is there a better way than this??

BTW... solving this issue would be THE best Christmas present ever!!! (for me and especially DH!)




Re: DVR question/help needed

  • For the first problem, if you select settings for that program you can make it run 1-5 min after the recording is over. I do this with The Office, 30 rock and any show on MTV. Just select and then choose settings for that program or you can make each recording of a series run however many additional minutes. HTH! ETA: Actually that might answer both questions as that's the solution we use for both problems.
  • 1. yes- just go into your series recording options. there should be an section where you can change the start times and end times for recordings. there are certain shows we also have set up to record about 5 minutes over the technical ending time because they always run over.

    2. you have to maunally do this. unfortunately dvr's don't do smart records yet. like earlier this year when the world series went late and bumped one of our shows back by like half an hour-- it just starts recording at the time that the show was supposed to start. you have to catch it and make sure you extend the time in order to see the whole show.

  • depending on what kind of DVR you have you should be able to for 

    #1) Set the show to record anywhere from a mintue to an hour longer. it is under the recording options and there is start time and end time on ours wehre you can set things up to start early/end a couple minutes late.

    for #2 I haven't got a dang clue I just set it for the hour it is supposed to be on plus the next show if I am going to be away, just thank goodness that if they do a spring cycle next year there will be no football to screw it up!


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  • You can set the recordings to start a minute or more early. Go to modify series recording and the go to all settings  and there will be an option of when to start recording.

    Ta dah

  • you all rock! I'm going to try going into settings and doing this.


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