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Something Fun for today!!

I don't usually post these - but I thought this was fun! 

Have Fun!!!

SCATTERGORIES... it's harder than it looks!


RULES: *Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the
following...they have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up!
*Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. *You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is your name?
4 letter word: 
Name of a City:        
Boy Name:
Girl Name:  
Something you wear:
Something found in a bathroom:

Reason for Being Late:
Something thing You Shout:  

Re: Something Fun for today!!

  • Here are my answers:

    What is your name? Staci
    4 letter word: Shot
    Vehicle: Santa Fe

    Name of a City: Sacramento        
    Boy Name: Sam
    Girl Name:    Susan
    Drink: sex on the beach
    Occupation:  Student
    Something you wear:  Shirt
    Celebrity:  Sarah Jessica Parker
    Food: spaghetti
    Something found in a bathroom: shower curtain
    Reason for Being Late: school bus
    Something thing You Shout:  SCORE!

  • What is your name? Liz
    4 letter word: Lamp
    Vehicle: Lexus
    Name of a City: Lithopolis
    Boy Name: Leonard
    Girl Name: Lisa
    Drink: Lemonade
    Occupation: Lawyer
    Something you wear: Long skirts
    Celebrity: Lindsay Lohan (do I get extra for two?)
    Food: Lunchmeat
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Reason for Being Late: Late sleeper
    Something thing You Shout: Liar!
  • What is your name? Melissa
    4 letter word:
    Vehicle: Maserati
    Name of a City: Minneapolis
    Boy Name: Matthew
    Girl Name: Melanie
    Drink: Mai Tai
    Occupation: Model
    Something you wear: Mary Jane shoes
    Celebrity: Marisa Tomei
    Food: Marshmellow
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Medicine cabinet
    Reason for Being Late: Missed the bus
    Something thing You Shout: MOVE!
  • What is your name?  Jennifer
    4 letter word: Jump
    Vehicle: Jeep
    Name of a City: Jacksonville
    Boy Name: Jason
    Girl Name: Jillian
    Drink: Juice
    Occupation: Justice of the Peace
    Something you wear: Jumper
    Celebrity: J-Lo
    Food: Jif
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Juniper Candle

    Reason for Being Late: Jumped out of bed late
    Something thing You Shout: Jeez!
  • What is your name? Crystal  
    4 letter word: Call
    Vehicle: Corvette
    Name of a City: Columbus! : )
    Boy Name: Caleb
    Girl Name: Caitlin
    Drink: Cosmo
    Occupation: Chef
    Something you wear: Capris
    Celebrity: Cate Blanchett
    Food: Cheese
    Something found in a bathroom:

    Reason for Being Late: Caught in traffic
    Something thing You Shout: Crap!
  • What is your name? Jody
    4 letter word:
    Vehicle: Jaguar
    Name of a City: Jacksonville
    Boy Name: Jordan
    Girl Name: Jessica
    Drink: Juice 
    Occupation: Journalist 
    Something you wear: Jewelry 
    Celebrity: Julia Roberts  
    Food: Jambabalya 
    Something found in a bathroom: Jacuzzi
    Reason for Being Late: Car Jacked
    Something thing You Shout: JERK! 

    This was kinda hard!
  • What is your name? Allison
    4 letter word: Atom (yes, I'm a Chem geek)
    Vehicle: Audi
    Name of a City: Albuquerque
    Boy Name: Adam
    Girl Name: Ashley
    Drink: Appletini
    Occupation: Actress
    Something you wear: Angora sweater
    Celebrity: Arthur Ashe (do I get two points for that???)
    Food: Apricot
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Reason for Being Late: A$$holes on the
    Something thing You Shout: ACK!

  • What is your name? Susan   
    4 letter word:
    Vehicle: Saturn
    Name of a City: Springfield
    Boy Name: Steven
    Girl Name: Samantha
    Drink: Screwdriver
    Occupation: Sales Rep
    Something you wear: Skirt
    Celebrity: Shirley Temple
    Food: Spring Rolls
    Something found in a bathroom: Snot Rags
    Reason for Being Late: Sleeping
    Something thing You Shout: Shoot!
  • What is your name: Andrea
    4 letter word: aloe
    Vehicle: Acura
    Name of a City: Annaheim
    Boy Name: Alastair
    Girl Name: Abigail
    Drink: Apple cider   
    Occupation: accountant
    Something you wear:Almay make-up
    Celebrity: Angelina Jolie
    Food: asparagus
    Something found in a bathroom: Aquafresh
    Reason for being late: auto accident
    Something you shout: AHA!
  • Name: Amanda
    4 Letter Word: aunt
    vehicle: Avalon
    name of city: Akron
    Boys name: Aaron
    Girls Name: Ashley
    Drink: Appletini
    Occupation: Artist
    Something you wear: abercrombie?
    Celebrity: Ashton Kutcher
    Food: Apples
    Something in the bathroom: aquafresh
    Reason for being late: accident
    Something you shout: ACK!!
  • What is your name?  Danica
    4 letter word:  Disk
    Vehicle:  Dodge
    Name of a City:  Denver
    Boy Name: Dannon (hey it's my brother's name!)
    Girl Name:  Danielle
    Drink: Diet Dr Pepper
    Occupation:  Doctor
    Something you wear:  Dockers
    Celebrity:  David Hyde Pierce
    Food: Doritos
    Something found in a bathroom:
      Dixie cup
    Reason for Being Late: Dog ate my homework!
    Something thing You Shout:  DAM***
  • What is your name? Christy
    4 letter word: Care
    Vehicle: Cabrio
    Name of a City: Clearwater
    Boy Name: Chris
    Girl Name: Carrie
    Drink: Cosmo
    Occupation: Customer Service Rep
    Something you wear: Coat
    Celebrity: Catherine Zeta Jones
    Food: Chicken
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Reason for Being Late: Car trouble
    Something thing You Shout: Cool!

  • What is your name? Stephanie
    4 letter word: ship
    Vehicle: Stratus
    Name of a City:  Salineville
    Boy Name:  Sean
    Girl Name:  Sally
    Drink: Stella Artois
    Occupation: secretary
    Something you wear: scarf
    Celebrity: Sally Struthers :)
    Food: shrimp scampi
    Something found in a bathroom:  shaving cream 

    Reason for Being Late:  sex :P  haha
    Something thing You Shout: SH*T!!!

  • What is your name? Naomi
    4 letter word:  Newt
    Vehicle:  Nova
    Name of a City: New York City!
    Boy Name: Nick
    Girl Name: Nancy
    Drink: Napa wines
    Occupation: Nurse
    Something you wear: Next-to-nothing (heh heh)
    Celebrity: Natalie Portman
    Food: Nougat
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Nail clippers
    Reason for Being Late: No gas in car
    Something thing You Shout: Nuts!!!
  • What is your name? Emily
    4 letter word: Eats
    Vehicle: Escort
    Name of a City:  Evansville
    Boy Name:  Elliot
    Girl Name: Eloise
    Drink: Electric Lemonaid
    Occupation: Engineer
    Something you wear:  Earings
    Celebrity: Evan Rachel Wood
    Food: Egg
    Something found in a bathroom: EPT
    Reason for Being Late: Engine Trouble
    Something thing You Shout:  Enough!!

  • What is your name? Barbara 4 letter word: ball Vehicle: Buick Name of a City: Barcelona Boy Name: Brandon Girl Name: Brittany Drink: beer Occupation: bartender Something you wear: bikini Celebrity: Brad Pitt Food: banana Something found in a bathroom: body wash Reason for Being Late: battery died (car battery) Something thing You Shout: B!tch!
  • What is your name? Cherie
    4 letter word: cool
    Vehicle: corvette
    Name of a City: Columbus!
    Boy Name: Chad
    Girl Name: Carla
    Drink: caramel apple martini
    Occupation: computer geek (I can say this because I am one..)
    Something you wear: clip on tie (oh yea!)
    Celebrity: Cheri O'Teri
    Food: chips
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Reason for Being Late: chatted too long
    Something thing You Shout: craptastic!
  • What is your name?  Julie
    4 letter word: Joke
    Vehicle:  Jaguar
    Name of a City: Jeffersonville
    Boy Name: Jeffrey (my brother!)
    Girl Name: Jane
    Drink: Jolt
    Occupation: Jazzercise instructor 
    Something you wear:  Jacket
    Celebrity:   Janet Jackson (2 points!)
    Food: Ju Ju Bees (again - 2 points!)
    Something found in a bathroom:
    jelly, petroleum
    Reason for Being Late: jam, traffic
    Something thing You Shout: jerk!
  • What is your name? Alicia
    4 letter word: Amen
    Vehicle: Altima
    Name of a City: Akron
    Boy Name: Aaron
    Girl Name: Alison
    Drink: Apple Cider
    Occupation: Alligator wrestler
    Something you wear:  Ankle braclet
    Celebrity: Amy Brenneman (sp?) from Private Practice
    Food: AllBran
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Alicia (every 20 min)
    Reason for Being Late: ate a bug
    Something thing You Shout: Aloha!
  • I didn't look to see if there were any other Js. Hopefully I don't get too many repeats.

    What is your name?
    4 letter word: jerk
    Vehicle: Jaguar
    Name of a City: Jaipur
    Boy Name: Jeffrey
    Girl Name: Janelle
    Drink: julep
    Occupation: jean model (that one is a stretch!)
    Something you wear: jumper
    Celebrity: Jennifer Aniston
    Food: jelly beans
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Reason for Being Late: jam (as in traffic)
    Something thing You Shout: JUMP!
  • Alicia, you totally just made me LOL at your something found in a bathroom!! ha!
  • this is late but was fun. so here goes.
    juneau, alaska
    julianna dipandi
    ju-ju bees
    just woke up-a stretch!

    <a href="" title="Pregnancy"><img src="" alt=" Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker" border="0" /></a>
  • What is your name?  Amy
    4 letter word:  Alps
    Vehicle:  Acura
    Name of a City:  Augusta
    Boy Name: Adam
    Girl Name:  Abby
    Drink:  Alabama Slammer
    Occupation: Artist
    Something you wear:  A pair of socks (that one was tough)
    Celebrity:  Aiden Quinn
    Food: Apple
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Antiseptic Cream

    Reason for Being Late:  Accident
    Something thing You Shout: A$$hole
  • What is your name? Crystal
    4 letter word: Cart
    Vehicle: Civic
    Name of a City: Canal Winchester
    Boy Name: Corey
    Girl Name: Chaya
    Drink: Chai tea
    Occupation: Carpenter
    Something you wear: Chinos
    Celebrity: Chevy Chase
    Food: Cheddar Cheese
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Reason for Being Late: Car problems
    Something thing You Shout:  Cool!
  • What is your name? Heather
    4 letter word: Hope
    Vehicle: Highlander
    Name of a City: Helsinki
    Boy Name: Harold
    Girl Name: Helen
    Drink: Hot Tottie
    Occupation: Hematologist
    Something you wear: Hat
    Celebrity: Holly Hunter
    Food: Hagan Daz
    Something found in a bathroom:
    Reason for Being Late: Health crisis
    Something thing You Shout: Hello!
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