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this is a good racket! Vent re my doctor's office

I paid all my co-pays at the OB's office last year when I was PG.  20 for each visit and then I got a separate bill from the hospital when I delivered.  I got an account statement from my OB's office about 2 months ago (i.e. almost 10 months after my child was born) saying I had a credit on my account!  Apparently, I had a $240 credit on the account - so it took them almost 10 months to tell me that.  I never get account statements from them, so I never noticed that I didn't get one.  So, after I figured I had a balance due, I called them to request a check - which is sort of fu#ked up that they didn't just issue me the credit.  That was over a month ago.  I called them today b/c I still haven't gotten the check and they now tell me a check request was never entered.  OMG!  I can't believe it took them almost a year to credit my account and then when I asked for a check, they didn't process it.  Meanwhile, they've been earning interest on my money!

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Re: this is a good racket! Vent re my doctor's office

  • that stinks that they are dragging their heels but makes sense in a way I guess.....wonder how many people never request their checks??
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  • DH had his wisdom teeth done in early October. We overpaid by $200 and they STILL won't issue the credit back to me yet. I've called several times and they say they have a "strict 9 week waiting period". WTF.

     I bet, had I not noticed on the insurance explaination of benefits, they would have kept the extra money hoping I would not call about it.

  • Wow, I've never gotten any money back from a dr!! The Dr I had in NY (found thru insurance website) was a total crock.  I was constantly getting bills from them saying simple routine things was not covered by my insurance.  I'm so glad to be on DH's insurance now.
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  • That is pain that they still haven't refunded it.  I always keep close attention to bills at the doctors and dentists because in the past the dentist has owed me money and hasn't sent it back until I went through hoops requesting it.  Such a pain!
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  • That is pretty crazy!! Makes me want to pay extra close attention to my bills.  My school system has great benefits so I don't really have to pay if anything co-pay.  I will have to make sure though I keep an eye on things in the future, even the ones my insurance does cover.
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  • Frustrating!! I just got a $50 refund from my GYN in Alaska - who I have not seen since August 2007. Crazy!
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  • I'm not surprised.

    We got a bill from Hopkins for E's apnea monitor. We were charged for renting the monitor itself, plus each time a Hopkins pediatrician looked at the data. Fine, even though all they were supposed to do was download the data from the monitor and send it to our pedi, because it was our pedi's call on when the monitor came off. E had the monitor on from the day she came home, 11/26, until the end of January.

    On our Hopkins bill, there was a charge for an April monitor check. No one there could tell me why I was being billed for a doctor checking E's monitor in April, despite her NOT HAVING THE MONITOR. Our insurance company had already paid its portion of that April charge and apparently can't do anything to resolve the issue.

    Meanwhile, I refused to pay the bill until Hopkins could clear it up. I wrote to them and called saying I had a dispute, couldn't get in touch with the doctor who looked at the data, etc.

    The bill went to a collection agency, I notified that agency in writing that I had a dispute, but they apparently couldn't process the dispute.

    Finally I gave up and paid the bill, and when this gets resolved, if it was an error on Hopkins' part, I expect some money back!

  • Yeah- I think that's pretty common, but it sucks.  We had to pay $1700 out of pocket for my first prenatal appt because I didn't have insurance- turns out that $1700 covered not only the first appt but almost all of my prenatal care, and I had coverage by the time it was time for my 2nd appt, etc.  We got like $900 back when Eloise was a few months old I believe, because there was a balance.
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  • A note from the other side- since I do billing in an OBGYN office. A couple things...

    1. It may be there was a delay in getting the claim paid, in which case they wouldn't have known about the credit yet. I am still trying to get a couple claims paid that are a year and a half old. That is not the norm, but it is not out of the ordinary for it to take several months to get a claims

    2. They are not putting off sending a credit to you because they want to keep it. Credits drive us almost as crazy as bills. We don't "get" that money, it remains outstanding on the books until it is used or sent back. We try to issue checks for outstanding credits often; however, unfortunately it takes a back burner to a lot of more pressing matters.If a patient requests a check, it usually takes a couple weeks because we send the requests to the accountants once a month, but we do address it as soon as we can.

    3. Prior to this job, I always kept my EOB's, but I never really paid attention to them. You better believe that I keep an eye on them now because mistakes do happen and it (I am assuming in most cases) is not intentional. Just like anything else there is the human element and it won't always be perfect. That being said, I appreciate when I make a mistake and a patient calls to inquire about it. I am more than happy to fix it as long as I know it happened. '

    Sorry to ramble but being on the other side has really helped me to see how difficult it can be when dealing with insurance companies.

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