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Registering a Car in MD

I am finally, finally getting a car!  In a complicated way, my parents have an extra car and are giving it to me.  I am looking into registering/titling it in MD, since it is in RI right now.  I was wondering if any one understood the MD system well enough to know whether I should say that the car was a gift or whether I bought the car for tax and fee purposes.  In RI, it is better to say it is a gift, but I can't figure out which is better in MD.



Re: Registering a Car in MD

  • Maybe Mary knows an answer to that?

    We had to change our car from NY to MD and it was a total pain in the a$$.  You have to first have the car MD state inspected (costs $60-80) then pay registering costs and whatever the difference in sales tax is.  We had paid 8% sales tax in NY, so we thought we were good to go since MD tax is 6%.  Not so much.  Apparently we paid 4% NY state tax and 4% NY City tax, so we had to pay an ADDITIONAL 2% to make up the difference in the state taxes.  So in total, we've paid 10% sales tax for our car, dammit.  Sorry so confusing with all of those numbers.

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  • Goodness the MVA's site sucks for this information.

    I am trying to figure this out for you! I would think it really depends on the value o the vehicle, so I have some research to do.
  • My uncle gave me his spare car when I was 16. He put the title in my moms name. Im pretty sure if it is between immediate family and it is a gift there is no tax on it.
  • I'm trying to remember how I did this with my parents as well...
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  • you'll need the title, saying its a gift is better for you, otherwise you have to pay the sales tax on the low book value of the car.
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