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OMG I think my whole family has lost it!

I called my mom this morning to talk about decorations for my grandmother. She asked if DH could come over and hang a piece of siding that fell down over a month ago. I told her that he was outside doing yard work so he wouldnt be able to get to it today. Then her tone completly changed and she was pissy with me. I told her he could come over any day after work or next weekend. She got pissed at me and hung up because she said she would do it for us. It has been down for over a month. This was the 1st time that they asked. So she called me back and apparently told my older brother that no one ever helps them out and my dad is going to rent a ladder and if he falls it is on me!!! So I called my younger brother to see if he was busy and he said a little but 'mom and dad drop everything for us' so he was pissed at me and going over to help!

Do you drop everything for and things people ask you to do? I dont feel like I am wrong here. 

Re: OMG I think my whole family has lost it!

  • 95% of the time, if it is for my parents absolutely. Even for other people, my SIL/BIL, my BFF, I would do that. They are always helping us out so I feel it's the least I can do.

    That is not to say that you are wrong, b/c this does not sound like something that could not wait. But, if they live close, and it would be a quick fix, it's probably worth it to just go do it, then to put it off.
  • Hmm...we help our parents out a lot.  But you did offer to come another day this week.  And since it sounds like it's not something critical to being fixed today...I am going to have to side with you on this one.  I am sorry your mom is mad at you :(
  • DH is pi$$ed. He just found out. He was out doing the leaves when all of this happened. He would have went right over if he were not doing anything. Today was our only free day to get housework done. They live about 15 minutes or so. Its not far. I did offer any other day this week. The siding fell down over a month ago and has been sitting in the yard since!!

    I feel like they think I am a huge P O S because we didnt run right over. Not to mention we promised S that we would decorate for xmas today. 

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