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I totally, completely goofed.

Several of the general students are rotating weekends at a urology clinic. We're divided into groups and subgroups and I'm group D, subgroup I.

The schedule reads like this, and yes, it is unnecessarily confusing:

Group D will rotate through Blah Blah Urology the fourth Saturday (subgroup I) and Sunday (subgroup II) of each month September through March, with the exception of November when Group D, subgroups I and II will rotate the fourth weekend together on Saturday and Sunday, and the last weekend when Group D-I and D-II will rotate Saturday only, followed by Group A-1 and A-II on Sunday only.  This will correct the vacation schedule in September so that all groups rotate evenly.

Well, I never bothered to actually look at a physical calendar for November, otherwise I would have realized that the fourth weekend IS the last weekend and next weekend is the first weekend of December.  And to top it all off, I got it stuck in my head that this was the last week and thought I only had to rotate today, which I had already made arrangements to switch with another girl for whom I had taken another day earlier in the semester.  However, that girl followed the "last weekend" schedule change and didn't show today thinking she only had to be there tomorrow.  

So, the gist is I missed today AND I have to be there tomorrow AND I'm probably going to get a load of crap from my program director on Monday because we're really not supposed to switch these schedules to begin with.  As you can see, even the instructor who makes the schedule has a hard time being coherent, so when we go making changes it really throws a wrench.

Thank god for leftover pie. 


Re: I totally, completely goofed.

  • just heard back from my instructor - I get to do a double tomorrow (she says like I should be thrilled she approved it) to make up the time.  But since it's Sunday it's going to be a double of ER patients and trauma referrals which means no scanning for me, just a lot of standing in the corner and watching. 

    Le sigh... 

  • Good luck , lots of caffeine , good shoes and mints or gum will help ! At least you may see some interesting cases from afar !!!
  • I hope something interesting happens tomorrow. That schedule is super confusing. Just reading it gave me a headache.

    Tell you what. You sneak a machine home and I'll let you scan me :p

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  • I'm totally confused by everything except you have to make up something you missed today by doing a double tomorrow.


    If it makes you feel ANY less like stabbing yourself in the eye tomorrow evening when you are 1/2way through the second shift - the husband worked from 6a-1a and 7a-2a on two separate days this week.  somehow he's still under hours this week. Super Angry

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