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Criminal Minds (major spoilers)

Did anyone else catch this weeks episode?  The way the show started I thought for sure Jack was gonna end up getting killed.  As soon as Hailey started talking to Hotch on the phone I started crying.  And when she made him promise to make sure that Jack knows love, and not such a serious Hotch the tears really came down.  Didn't stop crying till the end of the show. 

I was really surprised with how Hotch's boss left things at the end.  Throughout the show when they showed her interviewing the other members of the team she certainly seemed out for blood.  

Re: Criminal Minds (major spoilers)

  • This was an awesome episode!  I just about cried too when Hailey was on the phone with Hotch.  I had a feeling that Jack would be safe when he talked to Hotch and he told him to work the case with him, I figured it was some sort of code to hide.

    I was really upset that Hailey died, I wish that she and Hotch could have patched things up.

     I agree with you on how I was totally suprised about Hotch's boss's reaction at the end, I felt for sure that he was going to be punished somehow.

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  • I really liked this episode as well.  I thought it was a really fitting end to the Reaper storyline.  I'm really glad they ended up dragging it out a little and not ending the storyline with the season premier like they often have before. 

    I was really sad when Hailey died.  I wonder how Hotch will raise the little boy. It seems like he is gone so often.  I hope we get to see some of those moments when new episodes start again. 

  • I was depressed for hours after watching!  It was so sad!  I think Hotch's boss just really liked Jack.
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  • But what I also wonder is will Morgan stay on as the head of the team and will they show less of Hotch.... so he can take care of Jack..... I love Morgan but don't like him as much as head of the team he looks better in jeans and a t- shirt the suit has got to go. It's also affecting how he interacts with the team and I think he wants to go back to being one of the team he told Hotch that it's only temporary until he comes back. we'll have to see what they do.
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