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Let me know your thoughts...

Okay, so we are trying to decide if we are going to get this Honda pilot. I know it's a good car and we like almost everything about it. Except it doesn't have a sunroof. I know that's lame but it was in the top things that I wanted on my new car. We won't be getting a new car for years.

Sooo, the carsales man called someone and got us a price to have a sunroof installed. Has anyone had an after-market sunroof installed?? I am just scared of leakage, etc. It doesn't sound like Honda would be installing the sunroof. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Re: Let me know your thoughts...

  • Can the dealership not locate a unit with a sunroof from another lot?

    I would request that they find one for you with a sunroof. 

    It will be much more expensive to add a aftermarket unit rather than buying one already equiped.

    Just my thoughts.
  • Yup, when I bought my old car I had an aftermarket sunroof but in and I would never do it again.  The upholstery stuff on the roof of the car sunk in at the back and I could never get it repaired and when they did repair it, it was a half-asssed job.  I hated my car after that experience.  Good luck though!
  • My mom had an aftermarket sunroof put in her Hyundai that she just recently got.  It has worked out well for her no leaks etc.  It did also come with a warranty against leaks etc so if anything happened in the first year or two it was covered.   She said that according to the people that did hers to prevent leaks it's most important to have one the right size/shape of the roof of the car so that the water doesn't get trapped there. 

    Sunroofs are a nice perk to have in cars, and even factory ones can leak. 
  • I woudl ask if it would void your warranty.  sometimes doing aftermarket things will void it.  double check. 
  • Hmm, we have an 07 Pilot, and it came with a sunroof. I don't know if it's part of an options package that we got, but we test drove the one we ended up buying, and it's always had a sunroof. PS, LOVE the Pilot! We take a weeks worth of clothes, Christmas presents, a dog and dog supplies to MD and we STILL have room to spare, plus it drives like a car, so anyone in the family can hop in and drive it.
  • I agree with iheartsean.
  • I did this on my Accord. :)

    That was the top thing I wanted so I had them install it before I picked up. They outsource to a place here in town-but I used and it was no problem.
    And if it leaks you call them and they fix it. :)

    I say go for it! I LOVE mine!

  • I did that with my old GrandAm and never had a problem with it in 4 years. I have heard other negative things about doing that though so I would take the pps advice!
  • Tell them to find you another one with one already in it or make the one without one an attractive enough price to make you forget that it doesn't have a sunroof! :)
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