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POLL! Petty pet peeves!!!!

I am being a grouch today and crap is on my last nerve. So here's my petty pet peeve of the day:

Mispronunciations! i.e. Valentime's Day instead of Valentine's Day and Chi-pol-tee instead of Chi-pot-le. Yes friends, I am anal.

Re: POLL! Petty pet peeves!!!!

  • I LOVE this! :)

    1.) chewing with your mouth full
    2.) interrupting others while they're talking (being interrupted)
    3.) people who stare
    4.) people who barge into an elevator without letting those in it out first
    5.) tailgators

    I could go on and on, but I'll stop. :)
  • I hate hate hate when people wear dark navy blue and black together. I can't help it, that has annoyed me all my life. My husband does it just to annoy me!

  • 1.  Saying "hisself" instead of "himself"

    2.  People who look you up and down without knowing it

    3.  Talking over one another

    4.  Pee on the toilet seat in a public bathroom - wipe it off!

  • slurping food that isn't soup

    chewing with your mouth open

    people that walk really slow at the mall or stop and pay no attention to the fact that they are taking up the whole aisle and no one can get around them

    people that in general are unaware of the people around them and how they are acting affects those people

  • people who go 45 on the freeway and are going so slow you can't get out from behind them because everyone else is going a normal speed

    People who say "it's me" on the phone. Yes I might recgonize your voice but then again I might not.

  • People who are clearly younger than me calling me sweetheart, honey, dear, doll, darling, ugh that ticks me off.  I rather them say hey you.

  • 1.  People that ask me things at work and don't like my answer so they go over my head to someone else that defintely cannot help.
    2.  People that cannot speak proper English.
    3.  Lazy people.
  • People who refer to their license in the plural! 

    Me: Did Joe get his license?
    Offender:  Yes he got them on Tuesday. 

    Aggh!  It's one item people!  Just because it ends in an "S" sound doesn't mean it's plural! 

    Also people who inappropriately add 'y', 'h' or other extraneous letters to their childrens' names. 

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  • ::Rolling on the floor:::::

    Trisha! That is hilarious! Hisself!!!! LOL!!! Why on God's green Earth do people say that????

  • 1. People who are very loud and obnoxious on their cell phones at the store, then they stop right in the middle of the aisle and no one can get around them.

    2. When at the movies, there's tons of signage saying to turn your cell phone off, yet in the middle of the movie, it not only goes off, but you answer it. (in case you can't tell, I hate cell phones)

    3. Misuse of there/their/they're. I thought this was covered in the 5th grade, but I was wrong.

    (Sorry, but I intentionally say "Chip-odle" to see if people correct me. =)
  • 1. Chewing with your mouth open

    2. Someone listening to your conversation that they are not a part of

    3. Nosey people

    4. Any other nurses will appreciate these==Saying O2 stat instead of O2 saturation and Phenergrin instead of Phenergan. Oh yeah and dilauda instead of dilaudid. LOL!

  • Going to a Mexican restaurant with people  who constantly ask "how do you say this"  "how" "can you say it slower"  and then after I spend 5 minutes trying to teach them 3 words of spanish they just point at their menu and say I want this.  Seriously just admit that you are going to do the point and order and get on with life.  Just because I know spanish and pronounce it doesn't make me any better than you.
  • DiscoDiva: coming over now to thrown down about Chipotle! LOL!!!! J/K! (maybe) hee hee.....

    And since we are on medical stuff: I HATE when people say PROSTRATE for prostate, and masectomy for mastectomy! And then they are all proud of themselves for knowing medical terminology! OY!!!

  • 1. People who talk on their cell phones in public bathrooms. Who wants to be on the other end of that conversation?

    2. I'm with DiscoDiva- misuse of they're/their/there and it's/its and your/you're drive me nuts!

    3. Incorrect use of a turn signal- either driving with it on for miles or swerving into my lane without signaling at all.

    4. Oversharers and those who expect it in return. I do not need to know about your multiple surgeries the day I meet you (especially in a workplace setting!), nor do you need to know when I'm going off the pill so we can start trying for kids!
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  • People who bite their utensils..ugh I can't stand it! You can't eat them people!
  • People who pronounce things like a child because they think it's cute!  It's cute when the 1 year old says wa-wa not when the adult does get it?
  • Words of my Husband's day: Irregarless, illregardless (yes, he uses both, and HE has the college degree!) Nucular Aks (instead of ask) Piture (picture) Meer (Come here) If I think of any more, I will need to be medicated.
  • I so need this...most of these are things my co-irker says/does.

    1.  Pitcher instead of picture
    2.  It's an Ob-Gyn.  NOT a Gyn-Ob.
    3.  When someone doesn't pluralize (is that a word) the word cents.  example:  I have twenty-four cent.
    4.  High water pants.  With boots. 
    5.  Pastel dress pants.
    6.  Chewing loudly and crunching food loudly
    7.  Taking a sip of something and then going, "Kaahhhh"
    8.  People who yawn loudly.  I get it, you're tired...the whole office doesn't need to know it.
    9.  Adults who talk like children when they are not around their children.  It's not "coldy" outside when you're at work.
    10.  People who make food (that has a strong odor) in the microwave and then the whole office smells like it the rest of the day.

    whew.  I  needed that.
  • Listening to someone eat chips or cereal if I am not eating at the sametime.  All that crunchiness drives me InSaNe!!!!

    People that ignore your personal space.  Example, standing right next to me in the checkout line.  It does not make the line go any faster and simply makes me want to go a little slower :)

    Cell phones period!!!!!  Between adults in public, people in cars, and my students at school, they drive me nuts!!!

  • I hate it when people ignore me.  E-mail, in person, phone.
  • Since we're on mispronunciations....How about "I'm going to KrogerS or Wal MartS." Look at the signs! There is no S at the end unless you are going to multiple Kroger stores. It is Kroger or Wal Mart. I'm that anal too Kelly!
  • People mess up the expression "I couldn't care less"...people always say that they "could care less".

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