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*POLL* What does your DH do while you nest?

What does your husband do while you are online nesting?

Mine plays HALO on his XBOX.

Re: *POLL* What does your DH do while you nest?

  • Halo on Xbox, blast the volume so he deafens all 7 living things in the house, fart, eat bad food, spill red fruit punch on the carpet, spend 30 minutes in the bathroom reading Sports Illustrated, play Chicktionary on his computer, fart again... Repeat Hands off ladies. He's SO TAKEN!
  • That might be the funniest thing I have heard all day!!!
  • It's the truth! I didn't exagerate (I know that's not how you spell it) one bit! Come be a fly on the wall at my house this weekend, you'll see.
  • I don't doubt you one bit! I guess it was so funny because it sounds so familiar.....haha
  • Does homework (he's in a PhD program); reads, plays video games on his computer, watches TV.
  • He is usually at work.  We do so many times where we are apart, I never thought of people having DH around the house.

  • DH is normally on his PC/watching TV, or not here during the day when I spend most of my time nesting.
  • He's watching Bill Maher and playing a video game.
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  • I nest a lot at work (I know, I am a horrible person for that) but when I am home, in the morning he is usually upstairs still asleep and Connor is playing quietly by himself or at night, Connor is asleep and DH is watching some horrible show that I have no interest in.
  • We're both big computer people.  If you came over to our house and he was actually watching tv with me, you'd see us both on our laptops in the living room doing our own thing.  He has several soccer message boards that he looks at (including one he runs), a cooking blog, some hockey sites, etc.  When he's not surfing the net, he's working on his next day's classes.
  • Usually work.  I do most of my Nesting while I'm at work, too :)

    If I Nest while at home, we're typically watching TV.  I almost have to multi-task :)

  • He's usually at work, so he probably has no idea that I'm on here every other day or so!
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