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Man, this past week has been crazy.  Last week, I finally mustered up the courage to put Bug in his own room, and he did GREAT!  But last Thursday night, he started waking up for his paci (every hr on the hr).  Friday, he woke up at 2:30am and refused the paci, so I offered him a bottle, which he downed in like 5 seconds and wanted more.  After that was done, he fell asleep and didn't rewake.  Saturday... he woke up twice for a bottle.  Sunday, 3 times for feeding... too many to count for the paci. And OMG, last night... down at 8... up at 10, 11:30, 12, 2, 3, 4 and slept from then until quarter to 7 (3 feedings, the rest paci reinsertion).  After he eats now, he wants to play, which is weird, since I have always left the lights out at night and never talk to him either, so it's an issue getting him back to sleep (back and forth giving him the paci) .  My kid was sleeping through the night and everything.  I am pretty sure he is going thru a growth spurt, but man this sucks!  I am SO tired.  I want to put him back in the bassinet in my room (his room is on the other side of the house) but I know if I do, when he does start sleeping again, I won't want to send him back =(

I hate the pacifier... the boy is addicted to it!  And to top it off, he has been SOOOO fussy today.  Must be evil twin day! ;)  But to see him smile up at me through those long eyelashes.... 100000000% worth it all.  But I do wish he would sleep again!

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Re: seriously?

  • Aw, sorry Brandi!  That must be really frustrating.  I hope he starts sleeping better again soon!
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  • i'm sorry brandi. i know you both must be exhausted! i hope his sleeping pattern gets back to normal soon
  • aww brandi sorry for the bad sleeping pattern. hopefully he will get back to normal.

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  • Um, you're amazing! If you think that's ridic-in-a-box ... listen to this.Tiff can probably back me up here (please do, because everyone will think I'm crazy when I'm finished!!!) lol

    When Liliana was born, and when we were still in the hospital, I would hold her on my bare chest, and she wouldn't have clothes on her except for a diaper (what else is new...cough cough - current FB pics!)  and a blanket.  My body heat kept her nice and warm, and I wanted with my whole being to make her feel like she was still inside of me, so I would place her on my chest to let her hear my heart beating, so that it would comfort her.  Of course, she always slept perfectly - in the hospital.  Many times she would be wrapped up in her bassinet in the hospital room, but for the most part, I loved holding her.  

     When we got home, and DH and I put her down for the first night, she woke up EVERY 1/2 hour.  Just as I would be starting to doze off "whaaa!  Whaaa!!!"  And I was trying to get my milk to come in, so I would Breastfeed, or DH would give her formula bottle from the hospital.  Still though, every 1/2  hour.  Finally at like 4 am, we were both dead tired and I said, "Here, maybe just put her in the bed with us, and see if that helps.  She probably just wants to be close to somebody."  So we did that - and what do ya know?  She slept for hours!  we had to wake her up to take her to the doctor for her 1st checkup!  The next night, we were still dead tired because neither one of us had any sleep for the past 5 days, and I said, "Do we wanna sleep, or should would be put her in the bassinet?"  Sure enough, we wanted to sleep - so in the bed with us she went... and she's been with us ever since.  

    The thing is, it is so easy to just have the baby in the bed with you and just lean over and start breastfeeding when they wake up in the middle of the night.  Plus, while they're nursing, you can just go back to sleep, as they nurse themself back to sleep.  The only (obvious) problem with it is, she is still in the bed with us.  Like you, her room is on the other side of the house, and I'm a nervous nellie and wont put her in that room because I am paranoid that if somebody broke in, I wouldn't get to her in time.  (I know, I'm crazy.)  Plus, her window has a window in it, and we only have one level (ranch style house) so if somebody broke in on the other side of the house, I just fear for her life.  SO, to help with that situation, we moved her crib to our room.  Did we ever put her in it?  yes, once or twice, and that just never worked, and of course if we had kept at it, (like you are) it would've...but yeah...

    lol, I know it's nuts!  And I SWORE before she was born that the baby would NEVER go in the bed with us.  My sister has dealt with that and I just remember thinking, "oh that'll never be me."  But when you're basically running on fumes, you will do what you can to get even an hour's worth of sleep.

    I told myself, okay, just for a week.  and then I would say, okay just for a another week.  another day, another day...doesn't work.  DH and I will crawl into bed (after she's been in there for awhile) - dont worry, she's safe! and we'll just stare at her, and just love on her without kissing or touching...just by looking at her.  I know she wont be in the bed with us forever, and to be honest, I love having her that close to me.  Before I know it, she'll be graduating from high school and probably going somewhere far away for school, and want nothing to do with me. (I hope not...)  So I'm trying to enjoy every last second that I can with her.  It's those moments at night when DH and I just stare at her while she's sleeping that I will always hold close to my heart. =o)

    Anyway, sorry to make it all about me!  Just know that you're very brave, and I (clearly) could not do what you're doing.  And I never gave Liliana a paci, for that reason alone.  I didn't want to have to break her of it.  Sometimes though, I wonder what would be easier, breaking her of a paci, or Mom and Dad's bed.  lol!  

    He probably is going through a growth spurt, and who knows, maybe his gums are starting to get sore from teething?  I hope he starts sleeping again too!  I know what you mean by them waking up and just wanting to play.  I have to not talk to Lily either and just hope she falls back to sleep.  That's hard! 

  • Aww, sorry, Brandi. I hope he gets back into a good sleeping routine soon!
  • Megan - I actually did try putting Chase in my bed I think Sunday, for the 1st time ever.  I have wanted him to sleep next to me for a while now, but just as I am having a difficult time weaning him from my room, I knew I would have an even worse time weaning him from my bed.  When I say wean, I mean as in harder for me than him.  Unfortunately it was even worse trying to get him back to sleep that night, which might have been a saving grace for me.  He quit wanting to sleep on me a month ago, about the time he started sttn.  IF I'M LUCKY I get 2 or 3 naps a week with him on me.  I miss it so much.  He does, however, LOVE to be held by me.  It might have something to do with the fact that I started laying him down so I could get stuff done while he was napping... like the bathroom, a snack, the nest ;), but even his naps these days are about 30 minute max.

    I feel like I am reliving the 1st month all over again.  With no help from DH this time.  At least he watches him an hour or so in the evening after work so I can cook dinner, clean up and feed all the critters.  Each night I have been going to sleep (more like crashing) earlier and earlier, and each night I do that, he wakes up earlier and earlier.  It is really catching up to me.  Can't last forever, right?


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  • Aw, Brandi Im sorry-that has to be rough!!!  I hope he gets back to sleeping in a better pattern soon.

    BTW, his smile makes me melt too-he is adorable :) 

  • I am NO help at all....Luke is still in our bed 90% of the time. OMG..he's in his crib sleeping RIGHT NOW and just started whinning as I'm typing this..How did he know!? UGH! I'm not going in there...

    I have no sleep advice. Luke was in our bed from the night he came home. He slept through the night at 1 month and if he did wake up I didn't really notice b/c I could just BF and we'd both sleep. Vivi is the same way. I bought a co-sleeper thinking there was no way I'd have 2 kids that I can't put down, but I'll me damnned if she's not just like LUke was. I'll keep trying w/ her though.

    Just press on momma. It'll get better. Tomorrow will be different and the day after that will be different too..

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