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Family visiting

On Sunday, my inlaws are coming up to our new apartment for the day. ?We've lived here for a couple months & they are just coming to check out the area. ?I've gotten everything spick & span... but what do I DO with them?

Should I make something tasty, or make something really quick so I don't have to spend and hour in the kitchen...or some happy medium?

?I have known them for a really, really long time and feel totally comfortable with them, but I just don't want them to drive 4 hours and then be bored out of their minds. ?There is a historic railroad that goes right near our new place, but it costs 15 dollars/person. ?We don't have enough $$ to pay for them, so is it rude to ask them if they want to do that?

?This post makes it seem like I'm really nervous- I'm not, actually. ?I'm just open to suggestions. ?What 'activities' do you do when your family is in??

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Re: Family visiting

  • When my MIL comes to visit, we usually take her to the movies or go mini golfing.  Sometimes we'll go to a festival if there is one.  Like you, we try and keep the cost down.  I like making something in my crockpot to eat.  I made ribs the last time and she loved them.
  • We generally go to art shows, festivals, etc...  or we stay in and watch a movie or play a board game.  I like the crockpot idea that will free you up for the whole day to do what ever.  Are there any festivals around town this weekend?  We have a ton here.  Oh- I also like to go to farmer's markets as well and that doesn't take much $.
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  • Well I have found that when my/our families come over to our place we stay in and chill out and have fun doing stuff for free because well we're in the same boat that we don't have the money to go out and do stuff $.  1. if you have a Wii you could all play on the wii take turns if you do not have controllers.  2. play card games or board games if you have any (there are a lot of places online to go find out how to play certain games and such) 3. there's always taking them to a nearby location (park or such) and having a nice picnic- taking frisbee or something to do with you and you can enjoy a great day outside without having to pay a bunch of money to do activities     (some parks have lakes to feed the ducks or things like that).  Those are just a few ideas that are free or cheap for limited budgets.  But I'm not sure what you and your DH and family like to do when you get together so there could be other options if those do not fit you and your family.  Let me know and we can try to get creative.
  • I just checked online and there is a festival this weekend, about 20 minutes up the road. ?Antique car show for the boys, shops for the girls, tons of games for the kiddies. ?Woohoo. Problems solved ;)
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