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Six month old Beagle needs a good home

My Pet Sitter just called me and she has a six month old female beagle that needs a good home.  Apparently someone bought it for their 3 year old as a Christmas present and now they have a new born (WTF were they thinking????)) and now they don't have time for a puppy.   Her name is Lucy and she has all of her shots and is already spayed.  She just needs somoene to love her and spend time on potty training. 

If anyone is interested, please call Debbie from Pasco Professional Pet Sitters at 813-857-4439. 

Feel free to pass this on to anyone else you think might be interested!!

Re: Six month old Beagle needs a good home

  • oh that is too bad..i will pass this on to my doggie friends....
  • Hope they find it a good home.
  • I hope he finds a good home.  If I know of anyone looking, I'll be sure to pass the info.

    We just adopted a 6 month old puppy from the shelter who was also a Christmas puppy.  I hate when people don't think things through!

  • i cant believe you arent keeping her for yourself? i think you need another match for tiki!!!!! like bookends! ha!

    Rowen Alexander born 10 weeks early 1/28/07

  • Do you know how much?? I might be interested?
  • Kissyfur - I know - it really frustrates me when people get pets as holiday gifts without doing any research. 

    Jennifer - I would LOVE another beagle, but 2 dogs and 3 kids is all I can handle.  Tiki would be thrilled though!!   Bookends...LOL...that cracks me up!

    Vanessa - I just sent  you an email.  I think it is free to a good home.  I don't know if you are familiar with Beagles, so I added some info about that in the email too.  If you google beagle, you will also find more info about the breed.
  • Hello- I have a coworker that I mentioned this to and he is interested in more information.  Do you happen to know if the dog is still available?

    Thanks, Matria

  • Thanks so much for passing this info on!!

    I know Vanessa (Darrell's Bride) was going to call the owners and talked to them, but I don't know the outcome.   You may want to page her to see if she took the puppy or your co-worker can still call Debbie if she would like.

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