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Re: anyone else hear..

  • I did, I swear it felt like my back wall caved in... I thought someone had thrown a pipe bomb or something in the neighborhood!

    Crazy stuff!!!

  • I did. What the heck caused it?
  • We heard it too...it sounded like something crashed into our house.  We were having dinner with BIL and we all three went outside trying to figure out what it was...guess we forgot the shuttle was landing :)

  • i know i almost dropped my computer off my lap when it went off..scard the sh*t out of me...

    and here i was watching the shuttle landing when it happened and still didnt figure it out until i called dh all freaked out...he told me what it was..HAHAH

  • Yes and I have what I consider to be an 'odd' story to go along with it.

    So I heard it, got freaked out because I didn't know the shuttle was coming back in (heck I didn't even know it was up there!).  Anyway I sent big brave DH out in the back yard with a flashlight.  Our next door neighbor was also out with his flashlight talking to the other neighbor on the other side of him.  This neighbor was up on his roof, with a flashlight, and HIS DOG!  And not a small dog, a lab or a golden elderly overweight dog! 

    DH and I have been scratching out heads over this as to why and how the dog got up there!  I mean this guy takes his dog everywhere with him, but on the roof??? VERY ODD!  I wish I had gone out there with my camera, I really do!

  • wow that is an odd thing to do..why bring your dog up there???
  • lol that is odd but completely funny. we heard it over here too, and then heard some firecrackers just thought some kids in the neighborhood where being shi*s again. good to know i will have to tell dh that story
  • I think my dog is still stressed out from the boom. It scared all of us.
  • I totally missed it, LOL.  I knew it was landing that night but I don't think I ever did hear it.  When I lived in Orlando, I'd not only hear it but you REALLY feel it and it shakes windows, buildings...it's way more intense.
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