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how to stop nipping?

Lulu has developed the habit recently of jumping up and nipping at us when she gets really excited either when we let her out of her crate or just when generally excited while playing.  It started out with just our hands, but lately she has been nipping whatever she can get her little mouth on.  She doesn't nip too hard, usually, but sometimes it does hurt a little. 

Regardless, I would like this behavior to stop, but I'm not sure how to nip it in the bud (*groan* bad pun, but I couldn't resist).  We say "no" and tell her to sit and then praise her when she does.  That's all I've got for ideas...can anyone offer any tips?


Re: how to stop nipping?

  • Can you ignore the behavior?

    How old is she?

    She may be going through a mouthy stage - tell her no (or yelp like you are hurt) and give her something appropriate on which to chew.

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  • i don't let dogs out of the crate until they're calm.  when playing, ANY contact with teeth means the end of playtime.
    Have you seen my monkey?
  • She's 11 months.

    I try to ignore it, but could probably be more consistent about that.  

    Would a command such as "no bite!" be useful, do you think?

  •  Both of my dogs are two going on three and they sometimes go through phases of nipping. It will only last a few days but when they do I spray them with water. It seems to work well.

  • i feel your pain, OP!!!

    my dog bit a man in the face while licking him at the dog park on Tuesday.  It was so embarrassing, but it was just as you said--not aggressively biting, but play nipping.  My dog is 9 mos, and we are hiring a trainer ASAP because I really don't know what to do to stop it.  He doesn't do it to us anymore because we don't give any affection when he's all riled up--so this isn't a problem at home, it happens with strangers.


    So if turning your back on the dog and ignoring doesn't work, then you might need a trainer too!

  • image erinlovesdavid:

    She's 11 months.

    I try to ignore it, but could probably be more consistent about that.  

    Would a command such as "no bite!" be useful, do you think?

    Consistency is key.

    Nital had some good suggestions - no attention unless the dog is calm. At all.

    A command just serves to make the humans in the situation feel better (we feel like we are doing something), and usually (in cases like this), the dog hasn't a clue what they have done wrong.

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