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Max's potty training failures is frustrating :-/

I know..I wouldn't be Straymo without a "pee" post. 

This time Max is the problem.  We just don't know what to do about him.  We have one room with carpet in it and we block it off when we are not right near by or need to step outside.  

He manages to find to two minutes that we are not in the room and it is not blocked off and he'll pee.  There have been times where we can't tell he's peed because unless I happen to step  on it, the color of the carpet really doesn't change making it unnoticeable until I vacuum and see the stain.  He does not pee anywhere else in the house only in a few select areas on the carpet.  We've had the carpet cleaned professional with an enzyme treatment. I use NM every time I clean it and soak the heck out of it.

We've tried belly bands on him and his darned doxie butt won't hold them not matter how tight I make it.  I manage to find it somewhere else in the house. 

I suppose I could tether him to me but I'd really like to avoid that.

Anyone have a problem like this?  BTW he's 9 years old and we've had him since he was 6.  He has a very unpredictable life with a drug addict before he came to us. 

He never gets punished of course because we've never caught him.  We know its him because he's the only boy and the pee obviously "lifted a leg." 

Re: Max's potty training failures is frustrating :-/

  • Has this always been a problem or is this a new issue?
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  • I don't have any suggestions really just wanted to say hugs. But he only does it on carpet not wood or laminate?

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  • We've only had the carpeted room for 2 years and he seemed to have always done it.  It took a while for us to figure it out and then we put up a baby gate so he didn't have free reign.

    He only pees on the carpet and no where else in the house. 
  • have you worked a reward program for peeing outside?  that's how we trained our dogs.  they got a treat for peeing or pooping outside.  they wanted the treat so badly, they started just going outside!

    also, if he always pees in the same room, same place, it sounds like marking. 

    Are there rooms with no carpet that would be easier to clean up?  especially if this is incontinence.  

  • How frustrating Sad I'm sorry, I don't really have any advice. Maybe page PUBoilerbride and ask her if she knows of bellybands that fit doxies better.
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