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Re: and another clicky

  • How can you forget to wear underwear?!?!
  • image Ron*N*Kel:
    How can you forget to wear underwear?!?!

    I will answer since this was my answer, hahah.   Underwear were downstairs from going through the wash, so I just threw on pants with the intention of going downstairs to get underwear once I was fully ready.  And then I just forgot... heh.


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  • I sometimes forget on purpose.

    Have you ever been out and told DH that you forgot to put on panties and the reaction it gets? Priceless!

  • I am almost never braless, unfortunately.  Sad
  • My tatas would hurt way to bad to be braless...but I have worn quite a few of my clothes insideout or backwards through a whole day and didn't notice.
  • I used to get up at 5 to go to the gym every day (getting back into it now) and at 5AM things can be kinda hazy.  Totally forgot a bra.  I'm pretty small in that department, but definately not small enough to not wear a bra working out.

    There have been many (weekend) days where I just wear a tank with a shelf bra because I really don't need any support for barely-there tatas :)

  • image Ron*N*Kel:
    How can you forget to wear underwear?!?!

    This.  But then again, I'm almost borderline OCD in this department.  Tops and bottoms have to match and there's just no way the girls are leaving this house without support.

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  • Funny, I just had a student ask monday morning if she could call home b/c she forgot to put her bra on, lol.  You'd know if I forgot!

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