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It's 62 in the house today. I'm not sure I can hold out much longer. I've got tennis shoes, jeans, a t-shirt, and a heavy hoodie on today. I'm all good except my fingers. [Poll]

Re: Clicky poll

  • i refuse to do so!!!  lol....i told jay to bundle up the dog and put the electric blanket on the bed, b/c i wasn't ready to pay a high gas bill just yet.
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  • Its going to be 34 tonight, I don't think I could handle that without heat
  • I think I'm going to have to do it. My fingers are freezing. Plus we still have a small credit on our gas bill, so that helps a little.
  • It won't get cut on for a long time if I can help it (and of course, because of me, we'll put it off long as possible anyway).  It's 66 right now, and I'm sitting here in PJ bottoms and a tank top and actually not bad at all.  However, seems I've been experiencing hot flashes more and more or the equivalant so that helps.
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  • Not on at my house, it's not horrible, but is a little chilly at 63 over lunch. DH asked if we should turn it on yesterday, as he sat at the computer w/pants and short sleeve shirt on. I told him to put on a long sleeve, we're not turning on the heat!
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  • I don't think we're going to be able to hold out like we usually do with C working from home. That and the Minion will start getting cold at night, and that always makes me sad.
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  • I had mine on for a bit yesterday and this morning. I live in a tri-level so it says warm. I actually had to open the window yesterday evening b/c it was too hot in here. It takes like 10 min. to heat the house right now. It's at 70 so it should stay like that for the day. Didn't realize it was going to be that cold tonight! Brrrrr ... I'll probably turn it on since I cant put blankets on Abby.
  • Nope, not ours!  My mom used to have this rule that we wouldn't turn on the heat until October.  It's funny that no matter how dumb you may think some rules are at one time, they eventually make sense. :)  We can get by with jeans, hoodies, and blankets right now no prob.

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  • i turned it on last night for 2 hours.  brought it up to 67 from 63 and it was 66 this we should be good for a few days... plus sleeping with DH and both dogs I have built in furnances


  • Nope, we are trying for at least Oct. 15 (hoping for Nov.) before we turn it on.  It's 59 in the house right now, but honestly it's not too bad.  The dogs sleep with us at night and cuddle with me during the day, so hopefully I can hold out a few more weeks!
  • Ours is on.  I grew up where we froze and froze and finally my mom would finally turn on the heat.  Ever since I have paid the heating bill, I turn the heat on if I am cold and the air if I'm hot!
  • Not until november 1st.  It is to expensive to heat this huge house for just the 2 of us.  J put a sweater on the dog and she has a blanket in her cage.  We can use the space heaters if it gets to cold but I refuse to turn it on.
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  • I did not end up turning it on. It got a lot warmer this afternoon!
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