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Road trip recap

1) 3 hours is not enough time to catch up on 10 years of a friend's life.

He's got 2 daughters now, joined the army, etc.etc. etc. I'm sure we'll catch up more later. We spent half the time reminiscing about the times that he, DH, & I hung out in high school.

2) Bad martinis = headache.

Good part - I got to visit one of my cousins that works at a restaurant near Ft. Belvoir. I miss her, so it was great to give her a hug & talk for a while.

Bad part - Our waitress (not my cousin) was a little slow. By the time she came back to re-ask me about my drink order, I changed my mind from a glass of Shiraz to a martini. One more round of re-asking & I got my crappy martini: ordered it w/ Bombay, straight up w/ an 1/2 ice, 1/10th gin martini w/ 4 olives.

3) If a man has pictures of 2 Brazilian guys in bed together on his cell phone, it doesn't necessarily mean he's gay.

He has a picture on his cell phone of 2 of his army buddies drunk & passed out in a hotel bed. He took it & sent it to a female friend, jokingly offering them as a gift  - hey, who doesn't want 2 hot Brazilian guys for Christmas? ;)

4) Good manicures are very important.

I think we both acknowledged that we haven't changed that much. One of the few things that did change was that he used to be a bit of a redneck & didn't give a flip about how he dressed. He seems to care a bit more about how he looks now.

Part of the recap of his love life involved him mentioning what he was looking for in a woman, 2 of those things being intelligence & someone who takes care of themselves. He gave the example of, "someone who cares about the way they look...has nice manicured nails; you know, their nails aren't all chipped up..." So for the rest of the trip, I kept giving him a hard time about that one. I made constant remarks about how I was so glad I painted my nails this weekend because he might have chosen to not let me give him a ride to DC, or been embarrassed to be seen w/ me in public, etc., etc., etc.

...He also left his Dodge Magnum for us to car sit. I had to promise not to let DH "test it out" too much. Funny, he didn't give me that restriction...hmm Devil

Re: Road trip recap

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