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My fun weekend...

This is why friends shouldn't let friends drive when having a seizure...



My poor car... The man that hit us apparently had a pretty severe seizure disorder and therefore had no driver's license. We are still waiting to find out if he truly owned the car he was driving or if the owner has insurance. We are praying that there is insurance on the car, otherwise, we are in for a very long process!

We find out in the morning if they are going to total it. The inside door panel of the back door touches the back seat. I used to be able to put my forearm between the door and the seat. The back door will not open at all, and the handle flew off somewhere in the middle of Sooner Rd!

Anyway, DH and I are both fine. Thank God that I was able to get over and stopped as much as I did, otherwise he would've hit us head on.

So... we had an eventful weekend. Anyone else? 

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Re: My fun weekend...

  • Oh my gosh!  How scary!!! I'm so glad you and your DH are okay!

  • yikes! i am glad you all are okay! i hope everything works out on the paperwork side of things!!!

    well i don't think this really counts as eventful but we visited 2 churches on Sunday morning back-to-back! which means my poor boys visited 2 different nurseries back-to-back... i had no idea there were so many baptist churches in the FTW area... too many choices!!!

  • Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!  I'm so glad you guys are okay...that's really scary!  Why people think they can do whatevever they want without taking other people into consideration is beyond me.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for insurance for ya!!
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  • YIKES!  I'm glad you both are okay.  Keeping my fingers crossed the other car has insurance.
  • How scary! I am glad you and your H are okay. Did the guy get arrested or ticketed or anything for driving without a license?!
  • I hope he has insurance.  I'm not a sue happy person but I def think this warrants looking into a lawyer.  I have a friend who has had seizures severe and mild for awhile.  She drove for a little bit but then her seizures became more frequent and she decided that it wasn't worth it.  Her dad is a police officer which had a little to do with her decision but in the end she had to be an adult and realize that yes its not easy for anyone involved i.e. people have to drive her, lose of freedom etc but its something that had to be done.  Apparently that guy didn't get the responsibility gene.  Glad you guys are ok though. 
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  • So, I have a small update. Still no word on the insurance. Our insurance company is having to run the tags of the car that the guy was driving. The man that hit us is still in the hospital. He remembers hitting us, and he remembers driving away... So I assume that when he gets out of the hospital that he'll be at least ticketed, but probably on his way to jail for probation violation.

    On a better note, we took the truck to the body shop yesterday. They decided not to total it. I think I'm happy about this, I was not excited about car shopping I HATE car shopping!! They say it will be fixed in about a week and a half. I'm basically getting a whole new driver's side of my car! The rear axle was bent so they have to replace that along with the wheel and tire, new rear view mirror, the front and back doors, and the rear quarter panel. Oh yah, and new bumper. So the only thing that won't be new on the driver's side is the front fender. Total cost about $5k... so far. Thank God that our insurance company is only making us pay the deductible and maybe not even that.

    So, keep crossing your fingers. And say a prayer for my sanity! I forgot what it was like to only have one car!!  

    The length of a minute depends on which side of the bathroom door you are standing on! Photobucket
    What do you mean that's the wrong side? Tastes great to me!

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