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POLL: Top 3 Work Pet Peeves

What are yours?  I will write mine later.

Re: POLL: Top 3 Work Pet Peeves

  • 1. The lady that sits next to me is on personal phone calls ALL day!

    2. A lady I work for can't explain things in a normal way. It takes 5 minutes to complete a simple sentence of what to do.

    3. People thinking they are above and beyond others when they do the same thing and have same title.

  • 1. People who don't refill the copy machine -ever, for any reason, even if they used up most of the paper.

    2. Stinky lunches that people eat at their desks or walk through all the cublice with.

    3.  People who believe that being young means that they can unload their work on me and I won't notice.  (As a side note these people generally don't explain it very well either.)

  • 1. the fact that they changed the locks so we cant get into the school when we want/need to.

    2. teachers who use all the laminating film and other new supplies and i havent even had a chance to!

    3. (some) parents.

  • 1. The guy who speaks at twice the volume and a much higher pitch every time he's on the phone.  It makes my blood boil.

    2. People who think that just because they've been doing something the same way for 30 years that it must be the right way (and ONLY way). 

    3. The fact that my organization says they want to hire the best and brightest and then waits until spring to hire spring graduates.  It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that the best and brightest have jobs long before May.

  • 1. Co-workers who are uncomfortable with silence and MUST talk your ear off at every opportunity

    2. Bosses who never manage to make it to the office, but always have something to complain about when they actually are there. Hmm, how about showing up more and maybe things would go more your way.

    3. People who like to eat at their desk instead of in a designated area... which is fine, but must you always eat curry/onions/food-that-smells-like-B.O.

     Luckily my golden retriever partakes in none of these activities... Phew. But oh, the things to look forward to once I find another job ;)

  • 1. When I am trying to work on something  co-workers that  think it is okay to just pop over cubicle and start discussing their work with me.  I don't have time to do my job and theirs too....some people just have to figure it out.

    2. Co-workers whom choose to have a nasty workspace.  It drives me nuts. 

  • Wendy, do you work in my office???

    Hmmm... ONLY 3 things?? I have SO much more.

    1. When someone takes/uses the last of something and either doesn't refill it (like the water in the fridge) or doesn't tell the receptionist that we need to order more (like the ink or paper). 

    2. Just because my desk happens to be RIGHT outside of the boss's office, it does not mean you should sit down and complain about your loser boyfriend, whom I honestly think you should have broken up with several years ago, while you wait for the boss to get off the phone.

    3. You worked for a firm in Tulsa 5 years ago and they way they did things there is how it should be done everywhere.  Oh, and if you don't agree with the office standards of how things are set up, it doesn't matter... just do it however you want.  That way when your project gets turned over to ME because I finished my other project, I have NO clue what is going on because I can't just open it and run with it... I have to spend a week just getting the files updated with the right standards.

     Okay, I'll step down from my soapbox now.  Thanks for the post!

  • I just knew I needed a vent.  You may continue if you want because I have another too.  A coworker stopped by my desk Wednesday to say that he missed lunch so he was going home to make up the time later.  I am not your supervisor so I don't care and in fact I would not like to be resposible for your sschedule - thank you.
  • 1.  Replying to all on an email that it is not necessary to do so. Just reply to the original sender.  Duh.

    2.  Singing to your radio in your cubicle - even if you think you can sing (which you can't).

    3.  Talking loudly on personal calls (or regular calls for that matter).  We don't want to hear it!

  • Ditto on many of the previous pet peeves. 

    1. Co-workers who listen to their voice messages on speakerphone turned up to the max volume.

    2. Co-workers who make comments that are offensive, off-color, discriminatory, etc. I want to yell at them, but then I still have to deal with them so I hold my tongue. Yes, I am looking for a new job.

    3. Co-workers who are way too obvious kiss-asses.

  • image zabeth9292007:
    I just knew I needed a vent.  You may continue if you want because I have another too.  A coworker stopped by my desk Wednesday to say that he missed lunch so he was going home to make up the time later.  I am not your supervisor so I don't care and in fact I would not like to be resposible for your sschedule - thank you.

    Oh man do you ladies remind me of some more!  We are salaried professionals, but if we leave early or come in late for any reason whatsoever, we have to send an email to our entire organization telling them that we are leaving and how we will make up the time.  It's ridiculous.  I don't need a babysitter and I'm getting my job done so why does it matter?  If I have a gyno appointment, it's none of the guy three cubes down's business.

     Also, speakerphone at your desk is pretty much never acceptable.


  • 1.  Teachers who are late everyday.  This forces you to watch their class until they get there.  As far as I'm concerned they can sit their happy little butts in the hallway and read a book.  I'm responsible enough to be there on time figure it out.

    2.  Teachers who have been teaching for 50 plus years but aren't willing to stray from what worked 50 years ago. Ummm news flash, times have changed... a lot.

    3.  Co workers who talk badly behind your back because they've been teaching a certain number of years and dont understand why you have more responsibilities than they ever will.

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