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POLL: Anniversary Plans

Since we are already half way there...Have you started planning for your anniversary?

We are going to go to Chicago for the weekend and tour the city and go to a Chicago Bears game. H love's the bears and has never been to Chicago so it will be a blast!

Re: POLL: Anniversary Plans

  • i can't believe all the september 07 girls are more than halfway to first anniversaries!

    we didn't take a honeymoon so we're doing a belated honeymoon/anniversary trip to italy & prague (where we got engaged in 2006). DH has never been to italy and i haven't been in 10 years so i'm really excited for us to go together.

    regslpp - chicago is a great city! you MUST have brunch at the bongo room while you're there. i had oreo pancakes that i still dream about (i went in 2002!) and they had all kinds of awesome french toast and pancake options. soooo yummy!!
  • cheeky - that will be awesome!

    we're still trying to decide what we want to do.  i've put in for the time off of work already and we're saving our pennies.  our budget it tight, but i think we're going to hit up the travel sites for last minute deals and see where ever that takes us!  chicago is near the top since we can just make a 6 hour drive there.

  • We're actually going to be in Chicago too - about a week before our actual anniversary, but no biggie. I have to go for a work conference, but since my travel and hotel are paid for we just have to cover H's plane. We're going to spend a few extras days there when the conf is over.
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  • We are still trying to decide.  It probably won't be anything too crazy because we are going to Bermuda this August, and Europe next in the 3 weekends after our anniversary we are going to 3 weddings...that's a lot of money going out!!  But we are talking about driving down to the Poughkeepsie area to do a winery tour, or possibly out to the Finger Lakes winery region.  And we'll probably do a dinner out at either The Melting Pot or one of those Brazilian steakhouses.
  • We are going to DISNEYWORLD!!! i am so excited! I havent been since I was 7. I cant wait!
  • We have my cousin's wedding the weekend of our anniversary so we won't do to much.  But it will be nice to be at a wedding at that time.

    I hope you all have a great time on your trip.  they all sound really nice.  Can I just go with you all??
  • I am standing in a wedding the week of our anniversary so we have a slight delay on the celebration, but we are going to Disney!!  Yes I know...not really romantic, but it is my favorite place on earth!  We are going to spend the weekend of our anniversary in the City where we were married though.  We have some free vouchers and stuff to use up from the hotel.  I am excited for both!

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  • I'm not sure what we are going to do.  We might take it easy.  The week before our anniversary we are in Dayton Ohio for a half marathon and the weekend after my DH is running another HM.
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  • We also have a wedding that weekend.  My DH is best man, so no other choice.  But I guess we'll celebrate big later in the month when I pop out his child.  HA HA is that a good anniversary present or what?
  • I don't have anything plannned.  We do have a trip to Cancun planned so I'm pretty much calling that our anniverary trip.  I've also been thinking about making reservations for the Westin out in San Antonio, but not sure yet. 
  • We are doing a week in St. Martin!!!  I can't wait!!!  I'm so excited.  We have never been there.  We will be home 2 days before our anniversary so we are taking the day off and spending it bumming out and probably going to a nice dinner the day of our anniverary.
  • We don't have anything planned.  I would LOVE to go on a tropical vacay but seeing as I will be 8 months pregnant at that time, we will probably just stay close to home.
  • since we're expecting our little one late this JUNE we can't go very far - but we're hitting up Jimmy Buffett at Jones Beach late this August!!!!  The all day event will be  enough to wear us down as new parents...
  • DH and I are planning a trip to London and making a stop in Paris.
  • Now that it's getting closer, I'm thinking that maybe DH and I will go to my boss's cabin in Red River NM.  He's shown me pictures and it looks gorgeous.  Now if I can only convince DH.  He's totally into being submerged in the city life with technology everywhere.  So we'll see.  :)

  • We are going to Mayan Riveria for a week..... whoohooo so excited for MEXICO
  • We're not going to do anything too crazy for our anniversary. Our first priority is to get the debt down so we can buy a home! So we're going to do small gifts for eachother, and then go out for a nice dinner. The money that we would've spent on a gift will go on our debt instead.

    I've already started working on my gift to my DH. It's a little scrapbook/journal with pictures and journal entries spanning our entire first year. He'll love it!


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  • We're just going to go out to a fancy dinner on our anniversary. :)
  • i think we will go to dinner.  we were going to go to chicago but our dog got really sick and we spent our money for chicago on her.  we have her for a little while longer.  it turns out she has cancer. 
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  • We are going next week to Boston to go to a New England Patriots game!!! I am so excited! We had to go this early because we couldn't get tickets for September.

    The weekend of our anniversary we are going to go out to eat to the same restaurant we had our RD.

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  • We went to St. Thomas in June, so we will just be taking a two night trip to Nashville, Tennessee :).  We wanted to get away for a couple nights!

    Have fun on your trips/dinners!

  • The Friday before we are going to see a comedian that we both love, and are going to stay in the hotel where we spent our wedding night. My parents also got us 2 bottles of the wine we had on our honeymoon so that we could have one on the night of the concert and one on our actual anniversary. The Monday of our actual anniversary, we both took off work so that we can go for a picnic in the park with a picnic basket he bought me for my bday that we haven't had a chance to use yet. I am so excited.  Simple fun, but perfect for the two of us.Big Smile
  • We are saving for a house, so nothing too exciting.  I think a really nice dinner and opening a bottle of Italian wine we have been saving for a "special occasion" since 2005...oh and eating that frozen cake in the freezer!  It is also a weekday, so it will be a short celebration:-(

  • The weekend of our anniversary we are going to attend a marriage conference that is close by and stay at a local hotel. We wanted to go back to where we went on our honeymoon, but the funds arn't there right now. Our anniversary being on a Monday, I think we are both going to take off work and spend the day together...Big Smile DH is working some crazy hours right now and it will do us a lot of good.
  • I am bride_christia.

    My Dh and I are going back to Atlanta and spending time there. We are excited. Plus the lady that made our cake is going to make a fresh version of it (in a small round cake of coarse). Sigh, life is good.

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  • image Blond1e9:
    We are going to Mayan Riveria for a week..... whoohooo so excited for MEXICO


    I just got back it is wonderful. Where are you staying?

    We are going to NYC and staying at the Mandarin Oriental.

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