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Working from home/Business Expenses or Write off's

I am about to start working from home full time for my former employer that is based in Oklahoma.  I have accepted a position as Marketing Director so I will have various expenses that I'm not sure will be in our budget this first year.  Such as, gas (driving to OK 4x a month), magazine subscriptions, a new computer, printer, ink, paper, etc...  IF they don't provide these things for me are there tax benefits for me if I pay for the things out of pocket?

Any other advice you all might have on what I can write off, what I should keep track of, etc?

I will be a full time salaried employee we just haven't discussed what all they will provide up front yet.  It's a very big company BUT business is way down and I am lucky to get this job at all as I proposed it to them and they loved it.  It's not like they were in the position to just go out and hire someone.  

Re: Working from home/Business Expenses or Write off's

  • Internet, landline, cellphone

    Keep meticulous records and receipts.  You can deduct everything you mentioned.  You can also deduct a percentage of your utilities and mortgage for the space you use for your office, but it gets pretty hairy figuring it out and IMO, it wasn't worth it.  And they wouldn't pay for your gas, you would get mileage reimbursement -- whether it's through them or the IRS -- assuming it's your personal car.  Companies are required to reimburse at or above the IRS rate per mile.  But you can't get mileage AND gas.  If it's a company car, they would pay for your gas.

  • Thanks Sarah!  Now, if I just had the cash to go out and buy all this stuff!  My laptop crashed a few months ago so I've been using our daughters which is cheap and slower than Christmas.  I'll be doing some designing, web design, etc... so I've got to get a better laptop.  I think I'm going to get a refurb Mac Book Pro from the Apple Store.  I'll also need a faster printer/copier, ink, paper, may be using my cell phone (if they don't provide me one), and need an internet card or new cell phone that will allow me to use it for Wifi.  On top of all that I need a new desk.  Mine is old and outdated and not ergonomic which isn't good when you suffer from carpal tunnel. 
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