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Name Change

(I posted this on knot but thought it's better placed here.)

 For those who have gone through the name change process here in Austin, any advice about the name change process? I'm dreading the SS office (which I'm supposed to do first, right?) and DPS. Did either one surprise you with what kind of papers or ID they wanted to see?

Many thanks!

Re: Name Change

  • It doesn't matter which one you do first, I don't think, but I did the SS office first.  If it's possible go around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and it won't be as long.  All they need is your marriage license and your current SS card and ID.  That's it. 

    For the DL I just went straight over after I changed my SS card.  They just wanted my marriage license as well, they didn't even ask for the paperwork the SS office gave me. 

    As long as you have your SS card, current DL, and your marriage license...then you're good to go. 

    The SS does take awhile, bring a book.

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  • when i did it 3 years ago, i think i had to go to the dps office first. ?but i would definitely call and check before i headed out.
  • I did the DPS first and then did the SS office.  Had no problems, just showed my marriage certificate.
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  • When I did it 3 years ago I had to go to the DPS first and change my DL first before the SS card (and learned the hard way!)  The free website I used to print and mail all the forms was:
    It used to be called 
  • when i changed my name 2 years ago... i went to dps first and then ss.  i went in the afternoon... around 1 or 2ish... and seriously had no wait at either place!  i know that isn't normal... but you never know! =)
  • someone mentioned recently that they went to the Georgetown SS office and had little to no wait. Not too much farther then the Austin one, which is always packed. Was told not alot of people know about the one in Gtown.


    Good luck!


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  • I just did a name change of sorts this past Friday. Given, I did do it in my home town- which is rather small, the lady at the DL office said it didn't matter which I did first. Come to think of it though- the SS office lady was surprised that I had already done my DL change...not sure why and I'm sure this doesn't help you at all but GL!
  • KK and I went at the same time to the Georgetown SS office then the DPs...still had to wait at the SS office (line wasn't shorter in the afternoon as we thought it would be) and our DL pics turned out orange :(  I will say that KK's company was better than taking a book though - even if I dislike my orange picture on my DL (she had hers retaken!)

    ETA: Forgot to mention we also went to G-town as an excuse to go to Monument Cafe and meet up with another Knottie/Nestie...another reason I can live with my DL pic - fun memories :)

  • If you do choose to go to the Austin SS office and we happen to have rain that day - make a smart decision and drive to Georgetown! I waited for 3 hours at the SS office (had the afternoon off work and was determined to get it done), but it was a horrifying experience! I actually sat with the few other gals that had the marriage license manila envelopes - we all found comfort in each other at the nightmarish SS office!!! Definitely bring something to do!

    I went to the SS office first and then to DPS office after that, since the SS office was closer than the DPS office to work. I didn't have an issue at either place with the order I chose to do it.

  • Just by way of update in case anyone searches for this topic in the future, I finally went to SS (Austin) and did the name change this morning.

    My advice - arrive 15 minutes before the office opens in the morning.  I got there 10 minutes beforehand and the line was already out the door.  BUT, it was a line to get numbers to be called starting at 9am when the office opened for business.  There are 24 windows and it moved fairly quickly.  In fact, I was called up at 9:25am and it took no longer than 5 minutes to take care of the name change.

    I was nervous about required paperwork since I'd heard various stories about unexpected documentation needed.  But, it was just the completed application (SS-5) and my marriage certificate.  The card is supposed to be in the mail to me in 2 weeks. :)

     Again, I'm resurrecting this just in case it is helpful to someone in the future.  I was more than relieved that it was an easy process for me.

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