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we are live!

that is what the subject line on the email from our realtor said.

 we just put the sign in the yard, and the keybox out. mls is active and photos are up (if you want a gander at the still photos: )

here we go!

i would love some "sell quickly" dust as well as some "find the perfect house" dust as well if you have any you can spare. ;)





B&W Photo by Wildhouse Photography

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Re: we are live!

  • Cute place!!  Good luck selling it!
  • Your house is soooo cute! I am sure it will sell very quickly! Good House selling dust headed your way!

    Edit: I was looking through the photos again and saw the shower curtain in the bath, and we have the exact same one! I've actually cut it into pieces and used it for decoration.

  • Dust of all kinds headed your way!


    Your house is so clean!!!

  • your house is beautiful!  I'm sure you won't have any problems selling it, but GL!
    merry everything!
  • It's lovely! I hope it goes fast for you.
  • I love your house!  Wanna do a house swap?  JK...sort of.  Big Smile  I'm sure it will sell quickly.  Good luck!
    image image
  • Can I buy it as-is? It is so cute. I love your style!
  • aw thanks ladies! Big Smile
    B&W Photo by Wildhouse Photography

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  • STYLISH! I really think it will sell fast.

    Will you please tell me how you keep your fireplace (the white frame part) clean? Ours in our new house is a lot like that and it looks really dirty even though it has never been used (brand spankin' new) and we haven't even moved in yet! I'm concerned it's going to look dingy and gross, esp. once we actually use the fireplace. 

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  • Cute and exciting!  Good luck!  Do you mind sharing what part of town it's in or the MLS #?  You can email me at naclh2otaffy at gmail if you don't want to post it here.  Ours just got a sign and keybox today, too, but we won't have a photo tour until next week.
  • Faon -

    I have no idea how we keep it clean! We have had several fires in there over the last 2 years - and I am sure that the previous owners did as well. It is concrete - I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I am sure I could use vinegar solution or bleach solution to scrub it. I just haven't had to yet. It is pretty indestructible!


    Naclh2otaffy -

    It is MLS # 3878822  We are in South Austin. I haven't seen it pop up in Austin Home Search yet - but I am sure it will soon. I did see it on though. Since we just went active late this morning I don't know how long it takes to start showing up.


    B&W Photo by Wildhouse Photography

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  • It looks great--I'm sure it will sell quickly!  Good luck!!
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