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Can I have 4 names?

I was under the impression that I could change my name to whatever I wanted. I chose to 'add on' my new last name, so essentially I have my first name, 2 middle names (middle and maiden), and last name.

The SSA seemed fine with this. I successfully changed my name there yesterday and then went to the DMV to try to finish up the process.

The woman working there said that I can't have 4 names, and that I would "have to" hyphenate my maiden and last if I wanted all 4. She also said the name has to exactly match my SS card so they couldn't just put initials or 3 of the 4 names, nothing.

So, can I really have just 4 names? Do I have to wait to get my damn SS card with the correct name before these people will believe me? Does anyone here have 4 names on their DL?


Re: Can I have 4 names?

  • My middle name isn't even on my DL. Don't see why it would be a problem.
  • I tried to do this at the SS office (First, Middle, Maiden, Last) but the lady I spoke with told me I *had* to hyphenate my maiden-last, if I wanted all 4... so I dropped my maiden. Too much hassle, imo.

    To answer your question, though, DH's DL doesn't have his full middle name (just the initial) and his SS card does, which suggests to me that you could do First Middle-initial Maiden-initial Last. Maybe try another DMV office?

  • I'm pretty sure you can just rack them up. My mom has been married twice, and I think her DL had all of her names on there.  I think it depends on who you talk to at SS office and/or DMV. You can definitely have four names.  Think about the people whose first names are doubles (Lee Ann for example) and all the celebs who have kids with 4 names (one of SJP and Matthew's twin daughters is Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick or Nicole and Joel's daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden). 

    And yes, I'm on a first name basis with these celebs. SJP and I go way back! Stick out tongue

  • Ok, it sounds like the person I talked to was just cranky :) and/or misinformed. Like I said, the SS office didn't even bat an eye... Thanks y'all, I will try again!
  • You can have 4 names on your DL. DH does.
  • I was told the same thing, too.  my SS card has all 4 names, but I dropped my maiden name for my DL since I was told I can only have 3.
    merry everything!

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  • Babs, I may need to borrow your DH's license if these a-holes don't start seeing things my way. Cool Thanks!!
  • image ssinca:
    I was told the same thing, too.  my SS card has all 4 names, but I dropped my maiden name for my DL since I was told I can only have 3.


    Ditto. I did the same. In retrospect, I wish I had just stuck with 3 names. It gets confusing having you name listed differently on different id's. FWIW, you can have all 4 on your's just the driver's license office that won't let you. AND to be totally annoying, they wouldn't let me just put first and last name.....I was told since I had a middle name I had to use one. 

  • She told me I couldn't just pick one of the middle names to use as my middle name, and that it had to match my SS card exactly...
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