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Moving to Nashville/Clarksville

Hi Everyone.

My husband and I are considering moving to Nashville/Clarksville area next year to start a family, etc. for many reasons (his family is moving there, I love the country, it's affordable, we've heard many good things, etc.).

Can you guys perhaps provide me with a picture of what it is like living there, what to expect, what there is to do? What are the good, safe neighborhoods?

Is it family friendly and dog friendly? How is the job market looking? My husband can just transfer in his job. I am considering being a writer or working for another nonprofit.  

We have lived in AZ and DC so we've had a wide range of experiences but we really want to settle down in a place we can call home.

Re: Moving to Nashville/Clarksville

  • I lived in clarksville for just over 3 years and nashville for just over 1. If you have questions, i've got a lot of answers. I lived off of exit 11, Madison street and if you go down Madison street there is very affordable housing in great areas! (I bought my place for 65,500 and sold it a year later for 89,900....very great stone cottage, almost 2,000 square feet, 2 story garage.) anyway, if you have more questions you can reach me at us 4 masons at msn dot com


    :) Good Luck!

  • Hi!  I moved here 3 and a half years ago and love Nashville!  Although I wouldn't exactly call it "country" :)  Part of what I love is that everyone is friendly, etc., with all the benefits of a big city - lots of pro sports, music, arts, independent restaurants, shopping, etc.  We both work downtown so don't live too far from there - I'm not up for sitting in traffic for an hour each way!  So, where we work has a lot to do with where we choose to love, but, that's just what's important to us. . . .

    If you're looking for a bit more land/ less city, there are some new developments if you go a bit north on Nashville - Hendersonville and Goodlettsville are really growing so you'd still have access to shopping and etc. but with a bit less of a city feel (in my opinion) - although I'd probably still drive in for the mall :)  I probably would consider any of those areas before settling on Clarksville just because, in my (very admittedly limited!) experience, its atmosphere is very much influenced by the fact that the military base is there and I just don't prefer that.  Let us know if you have any specific questions!

  • Oh, and, since you asked, Metro Nashville has several great dog parks and even things such as "Dog Days" sponsored by the Humane Society - fun! 
  • My husband is a clarksville native and i'm a resident of 7 years (thanks to my dad being in the military).  Before considering moving to clarksville know this it was ranked one of the 10 fastest growing cities in the united states, and i read that is was ranked number 1 worst place to raise children.  The only thing here the military base, a couple of factories and tons of bland restaurants (a big night here is dinner at olive garden or outback).  I would consider nashville or springfield (between nashville and clarksville).  I know that when I graduate in two years my husband and i are planning on moving (hopefully to chattanooga). 
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