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What to do in DC?

My girlfriends and I are heading to DC for a girls trip on the 24th.  What should we do while there?  We'll be there Fri - Sun.  We'll have a car too - so we can drive if needed. 

Re: What to do in DC?

  • Musuems at the National Mall, Woodely Park Zoo, National Cathedral.  I love shopping and dining in Georgetown, nightlife at Adams Morgan (it's a mini 6th street). There are a few nice places for lunch/dinner and window shopping at Dupont Circle.

    I never had a car in DC, always used the metro, so I have stayed in the metro accessible area.

  • if you have a car, you could check out inner harbor in baltimore - they have good seafood restaurants and an aquarium.  or head up to annapolis.

    but I looooooove georgetown - great shopping, good restaurants.  I have two girlfriends who live in the DC area and we always go there.


    merry everything!

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  • smb29smb29 member

    Its been more than a decade since I lived there (so things may have changed) but I always loved Old Town Alexandria for night life.  You can't get there by metro, you have to drive.  Also, the monuments at night are beautiful!

  • I got so excited when I saw this post because I moved to Austin from the DC area!  You MUST do some shopping and dining in Georgetown... for something fast to eat in Gtown check out Quick Pita.  The monuments are really pretty, esp. at night. (DH proposed to me at the Washington monument!), National Zoo, Old Town Alexandria is really pretty (Charthouse on the water has AMAZING food), Clarendon VA if you are on the VA side... lots of bars to check out and places to eat.  If you can hit up a Trader Joe's grcoery store... check it out!  Cheap wine and other goodies.  Cafe Asia is a great place for sushi. Have a BLAST!  I miss home! =)
  • I was just in DC last month! SO and I drove across America, and DC was my favourite place. I'm not even American! All the history was so fun to look at.

    All the Smithsonian museums are free, which is awesome, but I recommend getting there early, because some of the exhibits have long lines. The national zoo is really fun too! But parking is $20, so you may want to look in to an alternative way of getting there.

    We stayed in Georgetown, and had a great time just driving around looking at all the beautiful houses too.

  • Lots of good suggestions so far!

    Another neighborhood to check out is Penn Quarter.  There are some cool eateries/drinkeries there.  It's close to the National Mall (where most of the museums and monuments are).

    Also, you actually *can* Metro to Old Town Alexandria, just not right into the fun downtown area (Old Town).  Take Metrorail to the King Street station, then take the King Street Trolley from the metro station into Old Town.  The shuttle is free and runs every 20 minutes from 11:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.  Old Town Alexandria's tons of fun -- we lived right near there until we moved further out to the 'burbs a month or so ago.

    You can also Metro to the Zoo:  Take Metrorail to the Woodley Park/Zoo station, then it's a walk of just a few blocks to get to the Zoo.  It's a beautiful walk through a really pretty neighborhood, although it's uphill all the way, which sucks.  But there are misters to stand under as soon as you get into the Zoo, and of course the walk back to the Metro is all downhill.  :) 

    Some other fun "DC" things to do with grownups:

    o  Visit National Harbor (just across the Potomac from Old Town Alexandria -- you can even take a water taxi from Old Town to get there).  I have to confess that I haven't been over there yet myself (it just opened in the last year or so), but I hear it's lots of fun.  Good shopping, dining, and just hanging out. 

    o  Go to the Drag Queen Brunch at Perry's in Adams Morgan.  There are two seatings every Sunday morning, but reservations are not accepted, so queue up early! 

    o  If you like chocolate, then be sure to hit co co. sala.  Words don't do it justice; check out the website.  The atmosphere is upscale/loungy; it's a great place for drinks and a light snack to start out a night on the town.

    o   Visit Eastern Market.  It just reopened after the original building was destroyed by a fire a couple of years ago *sniff*.  From what I hear, it's better than ever!  :)

    o   National Cathedral's already been mentioned, but it's worth suggesting again.  It's just beautiful (and my favorite place in the city).  :)  Be sure to bring along a pair of good binoculars so you can see all the gargoyles in detail.  Some of them are pretty funny.

    A note on your having a car:  It'll be really useful for getting around places other than DC proper, but for getting around most of the District, just use Metro.  The Metrorail system covers most of the city, and is safe (barring horrible accidents like the one a couple of weeks ago, which are exceedingly rare) and easy to use.  It's also cheaper than parking your car downtown (that $20 parking thing the PP mentioned is typical for downtown).  The exception to the "Metro covers all of DC" thing is Georgetown.  If you want to head over there, then you'll either need to use your car or take Metro's bus system, as there's no rail service to that part of town.

    Where are you staying?  And what kinds of things are you all into?  Are you more about  the whole tourist thing (museums and monuments), or are you more in search of eateries/bars/shopping?

    DH and I live just a few miles from DC (I grew up here but lived in Austin for a while and have just never weaned myself from the Austin Nest boards), so feel free to email me if you need more suggestions or anything at all:  stephanie dot aspinwall at gmail dot com.  :) 

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  • Oh I forgot... if you are driving in DC you can't be on your cell phone or you can get a ticket!
  • image batsteph:

    Where are you staying?  And what kinds of things are you all into?  Are you more about  the whole tourist thing (museums and monuments), or are you more in search of eateries/bars/shopping?


    Thanks so much for all the info!!  I might email you w/ more questions. We are staying at the W.  We are looking for fun, laid back.  Would love to see some sites but don't want to spend the whole weekend in the Smithsonian or anything.  Shopping, eating, hanging out is what we're interested in. 

  • image Abrooks:
    image batsteph:

    Where are you staying?  And what kinds of things are you all into?  Are you more about  the whole tourist thing (museums and monuments), or are you more in search of eateries/bars/shopping?


    We are staying at the W.

    Sweet!  Well then a no-brainer is drinks at the rooftop lounge.  That was a bit of a hotspot before the hotel changed hands and became a W (you probably already know that it just re-opened).  You used to be able to just stop in for drinks on the roof; I understand that now you have to make reservations, so it's lost some of its spontaneous charm.  But I'll bet as a hotel guest you can pop up there whenever you want!  Lucky! 

    Do feel free to be in touch whenever if I can be of help.  DC's such a fun city!  You're all going to have a great time. 

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