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Saw My Sister's Keeper & Up tonight

I'm emotionally drained....ugh.

I need a big glass of wine after all that emotional manipulation. 

Re: Saw My Sister's Keeper & Up tonight

  • How was My Sister's Keeper? I keep reading mixed reviews, I just finished the book and am going to see it tomorrow night.
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  • Honestly, as a stand alone movie it was really good. If you're going because you adored the book, you may be a bit disappointed. I read the book when it originally came out and forgot some of the little details, this helped me not over analyze the movie.

    The brother's story kinda gets thrown to the wayside too, which stinks, but I guess is fitting considering he was ignored as a character and is ignored in the movie. 


    Overall, I liked it, but I wasn't too critical over book details.

  • There is no way I am going to go see My Sisters Keeper when I will just be a ball of crying emotion.  Thats why I haven't seen Marley and Me yet, I know I will just have a cry fest.
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  • I've honestly never really cried at a movie before last night. Tears were streaming down my face during the scene where they go to the beach.

    Knowing the ending, I was composed through that, but I was an absolute mess watching this movie. That has never happened to me before, it was gut wrenching. 

  • My sister's Keeper was the saddest movie that I have seen in a long time.  It was horribly sad.

    I just read the book, just like what the pp said it's different in many ways, like the book was focused on Anna, and the Movie the big focus was in Kate, and the poor brother Jesse, well that character in the movie was not as stong as it was in the book at all.

  • I can't see it. I read the book...and I have too strong of feelings about the subject to pay money to see that piece.
  • I saw Up twice and cried both times. I saw My Sister's Keeper last night and the whole theater was a sobbing mess.
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  • I saw Up and really liked it. I read My Sister's Keeper a year ago and want to see the movie.
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