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Home repair/improvement

If you hire a company to do a job around your house, do you stay while the work is completed?

Just curious as a friend of mine put on facebook this morning that they were having new windows installed today so she was taking her daughter to the mall while the work was being done. I thought it was weird that they'd leave the house with the crew there.

Re: Home repair/improvement

  • I'd stay in that situation.

    We had the exterior of our house painted when we were out of town, and I didn't have a problem with that, though.

  • Not for interior work. No way.

    ETA: I mean I wouldn't leave when someone was doing interior work. Just for clarification.

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  • I would typically stay.  If I know the people hired or had used them before, I may consider leaving for portions of time, but would always try to be around at some point during the day to answer questions, approve design, etc. 
  • I would stay for inside work.  If it was outside stuff and they could do it with my house all locked up while I was gone I'd be o.k. with that.
  • image MrsKizdoodle:
    I would stay for inside work.  If it was outside stuff and they could do it with my house all locked up while I was gone I'd be o.k. with that.

    Ditto. My parents have been burned by leaving for interior work and so have DH and I.

  • I'd stay for security purposes and to oversee the job.
  • We had our floors refinished while we were on our honeymoon.  We left small valuables with my parents and gave a key to the guy who owned the company.  My dad stopped in every evening after they left to make sure the house was locked up.  Fortunately, they were a very honest crew and everything went perfect.

    Our window install was a 2 day project and I had to leave for a few hours.  Again, no problems. 

    Maybe I'm too trusting, I don't know.  If we're talking staying for security purposes, I'd worry about being alone with a bunch of (usually) men who are most likely a hell of a lot stronger them me than having them there without me. 

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  • I would stay unless it was someone I knew.
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  • My parents have been burned by this too... they had their new plasma tv stolen from people working in their home.  And then on another occasion (from a different company) had small (but very expensive) Christmas gifts stolen.  They don't trust anybody now!!!!  
  • It's not always safe to have children around construction. Especially if the house is an older home.


    I think it would be smart to be there when the job is started, and also before they finish. But I don't see the purpose in sticking around all day unless you don't really trust the people you hire, or you are very particular about the work that is being done/it is a highly customized job.


  • I would stay home or have DH take the day off to be there. Although we'll never have to deal with it since DH's cousin owns his own construction business.
  • I would be home whether it was interior or exterior.  I would stay out of their way and let them work, but I would want my property secure and check the job before they leave.
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  • We either are home or have MIL come down and spend the day at our place when anything is being done by a company of people...interior or exterior. The only guy we left alone was a contractor DH and IL's knew very well from Church who is a good guy and has done several things for both.
  • Hide the liquor too.  My parents had some work done, and saw empty bottles in the dumpster that had been taken from the liquor cabinet.  Apparently said worker kept falling off the ladder....luckily, he wasn't the only one there!


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