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Favorite iPhone apps?

I got an iPhone today! Anyone want to recommend their favorite apps? So far I have added Facebook, Tweetdeck, and Urbanspoon.

Re: Favorite iPhone apps?

  • DH really likes PocketMoney for finances, USA Today and iheartradio.

    My favorites are Pandora, Google, Dial Zero, Book Search, Evernote, Fandango, Kindle, Now Playing, Fuzzyshot, Grocery IQ, Solitaire City, Shazam, The Weather Channel, White Pages, and Units (comes in handy for science classes and cooking!).

    I also have some little ones that I have actually used, like Constitution (the entire US Constitution at your fingertips), Betty Crocker Cookbook, FS5 Hockey if you know anyone else who has an iPhone is fun, iThesaurus, Flashlight, Dual Level, Moonlight Lite if you're a mahjong fan, metromix, and Lose It is helpful if you're watching calories or trying to lose weight.

    Have fun with it! You'll love it.

    If you want to nest, please note that the only way to reply to posts is by hitting the "HTML" button after hitting "Reply." That takes you to a separate screen where you type your post and then hit "Update" before finally hitting "Post."

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  • Thank you! That's super helpful. I love my new phone...I can't believe I waited this long to get one. So glad I didn't get a Blackberry.
  • my faves are:





    Livestrong (formerly The Daily Plate)

    C25K (the Couch to 5K program w/ audio prompts)

    Flixster (movies)

    The Weather Channel

    Public Radio


    Solebon (solitare)

    for games I really liked Diner Dash and Wordle 

  • Shazam, All Recipes, Backgrounds, E News, Weather Channel, Facebook

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  • another way to post is to turn off javascript before going to the nest. It's under settings for safari. I've found that to be the easiest.
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  • Labyrinth!!!!

    Click here.



  • labyrinth is definitely fun.

    I think brain challenge is fun at times.  I really like Palringo- you can voice/picture/text anyone with the palringo app using their email address.  You can also send messages to someones MSN/yahoo or any other messenger, and they can view it on their computer.  The best part is it's free, so you don't have to pay for texts!


  • image MrsGo4Hockeychick:
    another way to post is to turn off javascript before going to the nest. It's under settings for safari. I've found that to be the easiest.

    Really? I haven't heard this tip yet. Thanks for passing it on.

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  • Thanks for the tip about posting.  For a long time I could post no problem, then all the sudden it stopped.

    The Weather Channel


    WunderRadio:  you can listen to almost any radio station in the world!  Pretty cool.  I listen to German radio all the time wtih my DH.


    Brain Challenge - little games to keep your brain active


    Grocery IQ - has my shopping list so I can keep track of it.

    Nationwide:  it's the app for car accidents - tells you want info to get and pictures.

    But my new favorite is the Kindle application for the phone.  I love it.  I love having a book on there that I can read whenever without having to have the actual book.  We go camping every weekend and I use my phone to read and relax without having to pack books.

  • This post makes me so excited to get my IPhone!...
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  • I never added my actual favorite apps, here goes:

    I like ICE, it's an app that lists current meds, contacts and conditions for medical professionals should there ever be an accident or something



    fuel gauge


    i can has cheezburger


    asleep (it's a lifesaver when my DD is fussy and we're out...)

    tap defense

    oregon trail

    catch a mouse

    2 across



    genius (this program allows you to send smileys to other iphone users)


    penguin catapult

    8/2010: missed m/c at 15w2d. baby measured 12w3d.

  • Cheap Gas





    i heart radio


    Sol Free (solitaire)


    The Weather Channel

    Betty Crocker Cookbook

    State Farm (insurance app)


  • Facebook


    The Weather Channel

    Lose it (it is my calorie counter- I have already lost 11lbs)

    ReMovem (It's a game)

    The love of my life. Born February 7, 2011

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  • Mines have all been said.

    Facebook (I like the mobile app better than the actual website!)



    The Weather Channel

    Lose It!



    ...DH likes the MLB app.

    Ashley & Christian
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