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Good news at the doctor's today!

Our risk is no higher than it was at 20 weeks for baby to have any defects (so the testing we had done then still stands, 1:3900 odds for any genetic defects).  All limbs look good, organs all seem to be working and in the correct places.  We still are not finding out the sex, it was tough to refrain though!

It was, however, confirmed that baby does have umbilical cord varix so I will now be monitored each week via ultrasound.  I also return to the specialist in 4 weeks for another Level II ultrasound to measure size.  Baby's head is measuring 39 weeks already, 95th percentile.  Ouch!  Specialist estimated baby to be about 9+ lbs. at full term.  Ouch again! LOL!

We are so relieved with today's news.  


Re: Good news at the doctor's today!

  • Those estimates are always wrong! I had a ultrasound just a few days before I was induced and they estimated her at more than 1lb higher than her actual birth weight. I am glad things looked good today and that you'll be seeing your LO more frequently in the coming weeks :)

    Good luck staying on team green! I had a friend with weekly ultrasounds that didn't want to know the gender until he came out. Thankfully she knew the tech well by the end.

  • Oh Holly! I am so glad to hear that!
  • Yay!  I am so happy to hear this.  I logged on tonight specifically to look for an update.  (and big heads = ouch is right.  both my boys are way above the 90% for head size...14" at birth)
  • SO glad for the news.... ?rest easy tonight!
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  • I'm glad to hear everything went well today!
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  • That's wonderful to hear.  What a big baby!
  • What great news!

    And I concur, everyone I know with estimates were TOTALLY off.  My Sil was told to not eat as much for her "huge baby" who turned out to be barely 6 pounds... lots of stories. 

    My u/s at 36 weeks (because I was measuring 39 and they confirmed I just had a lot of amniotic fluid), well their projections WERE actually a tish lower than my baby.

    That all said, I had massive babies, upper 95+% for head size, both nearly 9 pounds and they FLEW out of me without any effort, or pain.  My SIL with that barely 6 pounder had massive pain, tearing, etc.

    So it's more about your body and labor than the baby, I believe.  :-)

  • I was praying for you all day and thinking of you all evening! I'm so glad you received good news!
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  • I just read your other post.  I'm so glad the news was good.
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  • I'm so happy to hear the great news! What a huge relief. I'll still be thinking of you! It's not under the greatest circumstances, but at least with all the ultrasounds you get to spend lots of quality time watching your little one before the big day! I always loved ultrasounds!
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  • That is GREAT news!
  • Thanks for the update - so happy to hear the good news!
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  • So happy for you on the good news you received!

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  • Holly, I am so happy to hear this!!  I thought about you all day & night (should have checked on here, duh, for an update last night), and am so thrilled to log in this morning to this perfect update!!

    Darn--- you have to see your baby EVERY WEEK! =)  I'm glad the D-town docs eased your minds. :)

    We should celebrate with lunch!  My treat!

  • Oh what a relief!!!!  You must be SO happy that baby is healthy.  :)  And don't worry about size, like other pp's have said - they're always off, one way or another.  My friend had an 11lb baby 6 weeks ago (natural) - so if she can handle that (she's pretty much my hero), you can conquer anything!! :) :) :)
  • Thank goodness for good news. 
  • What a relief! I was thinking of you on my drive in to work today...hoping for an update like this!
  • Phew I am so happy that you got good news!!!
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  • Just wanted to say that the estimates aren't always that far off.  At 32 weeks my doctor estimated that Caleb would be between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds, he was born 8 lbs 14 ounces.  Also the day before he was born we had an ultrasound done and he was 8 lbs 11 ounces - so it was within 3 ounces.  Ultrasound technology is getting better all the time.

    Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

  • I forgot to comment on this yesterday, but I wanted to say congrats for good news! When are you due? I think you've got to be somewhat close to my SIL's due date.
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