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why can't they just drop it!

I'm getting tired of hearing everything about MJ. Can't they just let him RIP and not drag up all of this stuff with who really might have parented his kids and his will and all the other crap? I realize it will take a while to stop but I'm tired of it.

Re: why can't they just drop it!

  • It is sad, really. I wish his dad would stop holding press conferences. He doesn't owe the press or the public any answers!! He should be mourning but instead is trying to get his face and record label out in the public. Really upsetting.
  • His dad just seems money hungry.  I am glad to know I am not the only one tired of it!
  • God I know! It's like they just want to be the vultures picking him apart. Was it suicide? why were the kids out of the house? How long did they wait to call 911? Was he cold? Was he warm? did he take demerol shots?

    Yuck. And then the mother taking the custody of the kids when he supposedly wanted the nanny to have them? etc etc. Let sleeping dogs lie! 

    <a href=">">Married Bio</a>
  • Ugh! I thought this the day he died! Its horrible! They would go from announcing his death right into "Who was in court for child molestation charges... blah blah his surgeries... blah blah..." in the same breath!

    I am with you on this. I can't even watch b/c its just so disgusting.?

  • I agree with you, I can't even watch anything as soon as the even say MJ's's like enough already...sheesh!
    my <3


    Winston my sexy kitty :)
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