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Anyone watching Dr. Phil?

How the h does a 4 year old weigh 155 pounds?  4 YEARS OLD!!!!!  Is this not a form of abuse?
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Re: Anyone watching Dr. Phil?

  • I'm not watching it, but holy moly! That is NUTS!!!!!!
  • ok - just turned it there...

    "classic" Dr. Phil. lol. But ya - 155 lbs?? That kid is a TLC show waiting to happen. That mom sounds like she's not all there and is looking for a scapegoat for her childs obesity.

     PS: I hate that stupid weather map.

  • I switched over to comment. From what I saw, she has the problem I see in too many parents - she does not want to tell her child NO. This is a huge problem, and my SIL is the same way. Luckily my nephew is not 155 pounds, but he is a massive brat because he has never been told no. Terrible!
  • At work, and thus not watching.. but that's awful.
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  • I didn't see it, but it reminds me of students I have had. Very large in 1st grade. All because the parents reward good behavior with food. Come on people--reward with an activity or something besides food if your child is obviously overweight. It baffles me!
  • Yes you are correct.  His weight is due to her feeling guilty for telling him no.  Ok, well feel the guilt when he's 6 and you lay him to rest because he had a heart attack loser.  At the end of the show they did an update.  The boy got removed from his home and the dad was awarded custody because he had ballooned up to 187 pounds.  The dad got a proper nutritionist and the boy lost 100 pounds!  Jeez... 
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  • Good for dad finding a healthy solution for his son!
  • I swear, these parents are retarded.
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  • I was watching that this afternoon. The mother said he weighed 100 pounds by the age of two!! HOW?!?!! That poor child. I am sorry, but I think that is definitely a form of child abuse.
  • I didn't see it either, but that is absolutely insane.
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  • That is insane.  I'm glad his dad is taking better care of him.
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