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What are your 4th of July plans?

Just curious what everyone will be doing?=)

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Re: What are your 4th of July plans?

  • BIL and SIL live out in the country between Liberty Hill and Andice and they always have a big BBQ for the 4th because you can see the Andice fireworks show perfectly from their little hill.?

    That's where we'll be this year - though I wish I could say I'll be in the pool all day, its sure to be scorching hot!


  • I'll be at home alone with the dogs.  DH has to go out of town for work, again.
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  • Chilin' by the pool in Cancun!
  • It'll be me and baby Nicolas. Mia and Daddy are going to Dallas with her uncles to go to the Beyonce concert for her birthday. Yes, my almost six year old is going to see Beyonce. You should see her dance to "All the Single Ladies". She skipped the whole Hanna Montana/ Jonas Brothers thing and went to Beyonce and Pink. At least we can listen to the smame music. She also like "Rock and Roll" like AC/DC. She's weird.
  • We're headed to our family lake house at Possum Kingdom Lake.
  • We're going to the Houston area to eat yummy things like fruit pizza with my parents.
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  • I would have liked to go and visit my parents out in San Angelo but I'm currently driving on a donut right now until my new tires and rims come in and DH's car wouldn't fare well driving over their rocky entrance road.  So we'll probably just be staying home.  Probably finish up some house projects we need to do.
  • Heading to our bay house in Port O'Connor for some big family fun.

  • Probably go to our community pool then grill out at our house and have some friends over.
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  • Working to "save" all the people who eat deviled eggs that sat out too long =) Really we don't see too many fireworks injuries - but we do see a lot of "food poisoning" this time of year! Note people - if it's made with Mayo and you don't know how long it's been out DON'T EAT IT =P
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  • We are going to Vegas for the weekend to go see the Beatles/Cirque du Soleil Love show with my family.  we've all seen it individually.....some of us more than once....but now we want to go see it together.  fun times!!
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  • We're staying home grilling and then going to the fireworks/symphony thing at auditorium shores. Neither of us gets Friday off, so we didn't want to mess with travelling.
  • The 4th is our 5th anniversary so we are heading to a resort/spa in SA for the weekend!!
  • Tomorrow is my grandfather's 90th birthday so he flew in yesterday from Omaha.  I'm heading to Houston straight from work tomorrow and we're having a nice dinner out for him.  Thursday I'm spending with friends.  Friday a pool party that my brother and his wife that are in town are throwing for friends and their families.  Saturday pedicures with the sis, SIL and Stepmom.  Sunday head back to Austin.  And of course spending all of my free time with the 90 year old grandpa. Should be a fun weekend!
  • Going to Amelia Island in Florida for some much needed time on the beach.
  • We were supposed to be at a friend's new Condo on 1st RIGHT in front of the fireworks, but the building flooded and has no power. Boo! So it looks like we are heading to Kerrville for the weekend!
  • MrsAJLMrsAJL member
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    I think we're going to stay inside in the air conditioning. :)  My parents will probably come over for BBQ and watching the festivities on PBS.  Boring, I know.
  • Early morning parade in Lakeway and then spending the afternoon hanging out in what is left of my parents cove on Lake Travis - sadly watching it evaporate I'm sure!  At least there will be enough water to float in, some bbq and frosty beverages!
  • image AggiesAndHorns:
    what is left of my parents cove on Lake Travis - sadly watching it evaporate I'm sure!  At least there will be enough water to float in

    There is still water in Lake Travis?! LOL, who knew? Wink

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