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Is it just me or a lot of celebrities are dying?

This week alone there has been three deaths.

1.Ed Mcmahon

2. farrah fawcett

and now 3. Michael Jackson

This month

David carradine

Danny Gans (Las Vegas local celebrity)


Re: Is it just me or a lot of celebrities are dying?

  • We had a couple high profile deaths here in Philly in the past couple months too that you would categorize as celebrities. It's been tough.
  • Yeah. My father is working next to the hospital Michael Jackson is in and he says it's crazy right now with helicopters and news reporters.?
  • I think it's because we're getting older.


  • image babs568:

    I think it's because we're getting older.


    This and the fact the the people mentioned above all led rather crazy lives.

  • It does seem like a lot this month.  It's like the week Bernie Mac died.

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  • People die every year.

    Heath Ledger, Bernie Mac, Paul Newman, Estelle Getty, George Carlin, Tim Russert, Brad Renfro, Charlton Heston, Eartha Kitt, Isaac Hayes, Sydney Pollack, Yves St. Laurent, and countless others all died in 2008.

  • its kinda nice, only because no one is talking about jon and kate today!
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  • Here at work they are saying that deaths come in 3s and farrah and ed and michael would be the big 3 this week.
  • Well, they say things come in threes....
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  • image WeeMo:

    People die every year.

    Surprise Whaaaaat? Noooo. Say it ain't so, WeeMo.
  • image MrsStreff:
    its kinda nice, only because no one is talking about jon and kate today!



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