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I need Babyshower Games

Hi Ladies, we are having a couples babyshower for my best friend and I need games.  Pls. Help. TIA

Re: I need Babyshower Games

  • One of my favorite is the dirty diapers game! If a lot of people don't know each other in your group, its a great ice breaker! Buy lots of different kinds of chocolate candy bars (snickers, butterfingers, etc.) and melt them INDIVIDUALLY. Then put the melted bars onto different baby diapers. It looks like a dirty diaper :) Then write a number on each diaper with a permanent marker, labeling them 1-5 (or however many you do). Pass the diapers around and have the different guests write down on their own piece of paper the number of each diaper, and what candy bar they think that "poop" was! The person who gets the most right wins a prize :) Its a fun, silly and kinda gross (in a cute way) game that will get mommy and daddy ready for diapers!
  • Team diapering.  Each member of the couple can only use one hand to put a diaper on the baby doll.  Fastest team wins. 
    image Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Memory Game - Fill a tray with lots of baby items and give everybody about one minute to look at and study the items on the tray.  Cover all the items on the tray with a towel when the time is up and have everyone make a list of what was on the tray.  The person who names the most items wins.

    Price is Right Game - You can use the same tray of items as the memory game.   You just have to know how much you paid for each item and add it all up (without the tax ofcourse).  Have each guest guess the grand total of the cost of all the items on the tray and whoever comes closest to the actual retail value without going over is the winner.
  • fill baby bottles with juice or milk and have a "chugging" contest. Depending on who is coming this may or may not be appropriate, but it can be quite funny!!
  • Baby White contest. 

    you take bottles and put some stuff in them, but only stuff that is white, ex: sugar, salt, baking soda, flour, etc.  And on each bottle you write a number from 1 to whatever, and the guests have to figure out what is what, without smelling or tasting it. 

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