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Anyone watch The View?

I, obviously. am never home to watch morning tv. And I have The View on.

I must say, I really dont like Elizabeth Hasselbeck. They were just talking about the new John McCain ad (the one with compairing Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton). She kept getting all upset saying that in the US you can only have one opinion and that no one was listening to her.

I feel that from this 5 minutes that I watched of this show, that she is trying to push her views on people and gets pissy when people dont agree with her. She couldnt even have a discussion with the other women.

I dont think I will be watching this anymore.

Re: Anyone watch The View?

  • I will have to disagree. I watch regularly and it's usually everyone else that won't listen to her. Whenever she tries to comment she's interupted and Joy especially will think of no other view besides her own.
  • I don't have tv. :(
  • I have to disagree as well.

    I watch almost every day. Elisabeth's job is to be the conservative one. She always has to play the devil's advocate. Everyone else is (mostly) liberal and usually agree on political subjects. She always has to bring up the other side.
    They spend a lot of time talking about John McCain and Obama and they all take turns bashing everyone.
    Anyway, on this particular subject she was trying to point out that doing shows like access hollywood are not policital and put Obama on the same playing field as Brittney and Paris...making the ad "fair".
    Personally, I think the ad is a low blow, but cleaver nonetheless.

  • Yeah maybe I havent watched enough, but I have heard so much about her and with the whole Rosie situation (not that I know much since I dont watch the show)

    She just rubbed me the wrong way I guess.

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