December 2007 Weddings
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Baby Borrowers anyone?

The finale was last night who watched?

I Cant BELIEVE the end!!

Re: Baby Borrowers anyone?

  • Oooh, me, me!!  DH and I have been watching it from the beginning and tripping out over how hilarious it was seeing them go thru the different stages.

    I'm with you...we were SHOCKED at the outcome!  I can't wait to watch the town hall episode next week to hear the updates from the individual couples!

  • We watched it from the start too - it was definately entertaining.

    We figured some people wouldnt stay together but we were just in SHOCK when they did the updates on everyone.

    I'm with you I cant wait until next week to see them talk about it. 

  • i watched one episode in parts but i dont really watch much tv...

     would you post another post and title it ::spoiler:: and let me know what happened??
  • i cried watching last nights episode.  my heart broke for the elderly man who lost his wife a couple years ago.  And I cried when they were giving the kids advice and at the end of the episode that lady died.  it was so sad.

    I'm really surprised all of them broke up! Esp. the african american couple they were so good together.

  • Oh I was SO crying at the end when the bike guy went to see his wife, and when they went to the cemetary and everything that guy was saying made me loose it.


  • I watched it. H was shocked that none of them made it, but I wasn't. They're all too young to settle down anyway.

    That was so sad when they visited the one wife's grave. I cried a little.
  • Oh, I was crying like a baby when the one guy visited his wife's grave and started tearing up.  And when the african american girlfried went with her elderly person to visit his wife...oh, they were the cutest couple!  I was devastated at the end when they said that she had passed away.  =(
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