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**Ashlee (REALLY long)

I had a dream about you the other night. You and my DH were like robots or something, but you had normal skin and everything, just your insides were robotic I guess. You, your DH, my DH and I were hanging out in our apartment (which was in the same building as ya'lls) and we were joking around and I playfully pushed you and you fell. You hit your head, knocking you out, and hit your neck, which busted a whole in it about the size of my finger from the tip to the second bend and it was letting your air pressure out (which i'm thinking is the equivalent to blood).

I was freaking out and had my finger over the hole in your neck while someone went to get some help. I carried you to the kitchen and was trying to find a rag to put over my finger because the hole in your neck was turning red and burning my finger. I couldn't find one and finally had to let go because I couldn't stand it any more and it was burning the skin off my finger. All of your air pressure ended up coming out. I was so upset because it was my fault you died and I was bawling my eyes out.

My DH donated half of his air to you so that you could live. After that ya'll started haging out a lot. I started getting really jealous. I would see ya'll walking down the hall laughing and stuff like that. Well, there was a public bathroom in our building that had toilet stalls on one end, sinks and mirrors in the middle, and showers stalls on the other end. I walked into the bathroom and you and your DH were standing there at the mirrors. Then my DH came out of one of the shower stalls in his underwear! I totally freaked out and ran out of there sobbing (because he only walks around in his underwear in front of me. When he was at home, he didn't even take 3 steps from the bathroom to his bedroom in just his underwear). Then I woke up.

It was really weird. Sorry it was so long.

Re: **Ashlee (REALLY long)

  • haha. that's the most random, weird, funny thing i've heard all day. maybe we can find someone to decode it! haha
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  • LOL i know. I woke up thinking "what the crap?" The weirdest thing was probably ya'll being robots. I haven't watched anything robot-ish since I saw Wall-E toward the beginning of July, and before that it was sometime last year.
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