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boxer growth question

so...i have a 7 month old female boxer who weighs about 32 lbs. she went to the vet on friday and he said that she's about as big as she's going to get. he said she might get about 10% bigger, which would only make her 35lbs full grown. just curious what y'all think about this. it doesn't sound accurate to me, but this is the first boxer i've ever had or been around, so maybe he is right?! thanks for your help!

Re: boxer growth question

  • That's probably close to accurate.  My girl is only 9 months old and 35 pounds, and she's only filled out a tiny bit in the past 2 months.  I'd expect her to fill out just a bit more, but she's mostly done growing.  She's tiny for a boxer, but thanks to poor breeding practices (she's a rescue dog, but whoever bred her parents sure as hell shouldn't have), that's what I ended up with!   
  • Thats a small boxer for sure maybe you got the runt. My boxer was probably her full size when she was 9 months old. She was really skinny for a long time and people kept making comments about seeing her ribs and stuff. She filled out a little later. She is now a happy 60 lb boxer, very fit, cut and lean....and no bones showing.
  • Boxers tend to grow UP for the first year and then OUT for their second year. At 7 months old a puppy is hardly done growing, although they might be getting close to their adult height. My boxer is 14 months old and still growing. She's still had a couple growth spurts in the past couple months. She is also on the tiny side, but finally just broke 50lbs. Boxers range in size from the 30 lbs. range all the way up to around 90 lbs. Females are smaller than males (generally). You want them to be on the slender side, it's healthier and you should see the outline of ribs (not showing too much). My dog was pretty scrawny for a long time and I worried if she would even get up to this weight.

    If you want more comparisons, there was a post in the forums on boxerworld where everyone wrote how old their boxer was and what weight they were: See it here.

  • hmmm that seems pretty small for me, but it could be normal for her. i think she'll grow to be closer to 40 at least, but who knows. we got my coco when she was about a year and a half old and she was only 40 pounds when she was brought to the rescue shelter...but she was sin and bones, now she's up to 55 pounds! she seems to be about average size for a boxer..
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  • Maybe the vet was referring to size, not weight... boxers seem to fill out and add muscle after they're a year old.  So maybe her height/bone structure won't change much, but she'll put on some weight as she rounds out.

    Plus, within any breed, there are bigger and smaller individuals of course -- just like humans.


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  • I agree with everyone else.  That seems inaccurate.  She MIGHT not get much taller (though I tend to think she may still shoot up a bit) but she will fill out.  My boy is 11 mo. and is 65 lbs., but seems to be thin right now, though he is beginning to fill out a little.  Give it time and make sure you're feeding high quality food. 
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  • I have 2 boxers-my oldest  (12) is around 65 pounds and my baby (2) she was the runt and only weighs in at about 40lbs!-since they think they are lap dogs this really helps with her being smaller!
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