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what about lepto?? do you vaccinate for that??

Mo's breeder doesn't think that vaccine is necessary....any other opinions??  I'm getting worried that some of these vaccines cause more harm than good...

Re: what about lepto?? do you vaccinate for that??

  • We don't, but small dogs frequently have reactions to it, and my dogs don't go places where lepto is a concern, so our vet doesn't give it to our dogs.  Neither does our breeder  (she gave them their puppy shots).

  • We don't do Lepto.  I know it's not normally recommended for small breeds (which we have 2 of), but I'm not doing it for Emma (boxer) either.
  • I do. We live on 13 acres surrounded by wildlife, and that apparently is where lepto comes from (correct?). Depending on what you read, some people say it is prevelant on the east coast, some say it is not. At this point I will vacc. for it, because of our current living situation. once we move, and are in an area not surrounded by wildlife I probably won't vacc for it anymore.

  • See we like to take our dogs to the dog park and we have intentions of taking them hiking too.  I don't know if this means we should or shouldn't do the lepto.  I'm not familiar enough with it to understand and make an educated decision.
  • I do not vaccinate for lepto for a number of reasons: 

    -the vaccine has a low efficacy rate (I believe it's estimated at 50-70% effective).

    -most of the lepto vaccines being administered do not contain the most common serovars and there is no significant cross-protection.  There are also two serovars which are not even covered by any of the vaccines available.

    -the exact duration of immunity for the vaccine is not known (kind of like for bordatella and lyme), but it is less than a year....meaning you need to give it every 6-9 months for any hope of efficacy. 

    -this vaccine has a large percentage of adverse reactions associated with it

    -lepto is rare and treatable if caught early.  Since the vaccine isn't very effective anyways, all owners should be aware of the signs of lepto and not rely on the vaccine for protection.

    -people make the argument that this is a zoonotic disease and so you should vaccinate to protect yourself....but even if the vaccine prevents clinical disease in the dog, it can still become a carrier and shed the virus in its urine!


    If you do decide to give the lepto vaccine though, be sure to give it separate from all others to minimize the risk of adverse reaction.  Additionally make sure the vet is actually giving the vaccine with the proper serovars so you aren't wasting your money and risking your pet's life for nothing. 

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  • Lepto is a bacterial disease. It is spread through the urine of wildlife such as skunks and raccoons as well as other dogs. It causes liver and kidney disease and it is zoonotic. One of the signs of Lepto is an increase in drinking and urinating. Your pet can have accidents in the house and then you and your family can be exposed. Even with treatment Lepto can be fatal.
  • dusk42dusk42 member
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    Ask your vet about how many cases of lepto in dogs occur in your area/state every year. ?
    As lilsheltie wrote, the vaccine is not great and it does not prevent the dog from infecting you. ?Additionally, it is widespread in Hawaii (where 50% of all cases in the US occur), but incidence varies in other states. ?
    Your dog has to swim in or drink water contaminated with the urine of infected animals. ?Lepto cannot survive after the contaminated puddle dries out, which is why many cases occur from swimming in contaminated lakes, which don't dry up. ?
    Personally, my dogs hate water and I don't let them off-leah where I can't see them. ?There is no standing water in our local dog parks because it is a mess and a mosquito hazard. ?
    If lepto is prevalent in your area and your dog swims or wallows in standing water, you can consider it, but it's not like "my dog was vaccinated, no way they can get lepto." ? ?
  • We do.  Lepto is common in my area and there are several deaths a year from it.  My dogs are also hunting dogs, out in wildlife areas with dead animals in their mouths on a weekly basis, and they do often drink out of standing streams or puddles of water when they get hot and tired.
  • Our vet recommended it so we were thinking of giving it to Roscoe.  All these comments are helpful....we might rethink it because he is senstive to vaccinations (he was at 24 hr care last week for his 2nd set of shots).  We do live on an island so there are a ton of wildlife that reproduce and have no where to go so that is mainly why were we considering it.

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