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Re: Twilight (book) lovers

  • *confused*

    What is this?

  • Im guessing its someone's attempt at writing a continuation of the book?!?
  • It's fanfiction. As a former maga-nerd, allow me to enlighten.

    Cult classics (like Twilight) usually have a following of would-be authors who think up new stories with the same characters. It's actually a pretty big "community". is one of the bigger servers.

    Confession: I used to write Harry Potter fanfiction. I wasn't half bad for a twelve year old...or fifteen year old.

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  • Sweet hagrid, my account is still active....all my stories are gone though. LAME. They should archive those case I ever needed a reason to relive junior high
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  • Hahaha!  Awesome.  Rai, I would have loved to read some of your HP fanfiction. 

  • Ohhhh, I've heard of fan fiction, but I got confused when I read about literacy in other countries.
  • I used to write STTNG fanfic Embarrassed

    And yes, that also makes me old.

    I don't particularly like fanfic that takes the characters' names and creates a whole different story about them though. There was one going on with the Twilight characters for a while that was super good, though, but then it just got way toooo disconnected from the story and I quit reading.

  • Wow, Rai. Who knew you were so knoeldgeable ... and talented! Ive always loved writing short stories but never thought to extend them based on books Ive read. Very interesting concept. I dont think I'd stick around to read them online though, unless it is a very good continuation. . . Hmm
  • Neat site.  I wish she would just get on with Midnight Sun already...



  • Not really a fan-fic fan... I just wish that SM would finish Midnight Sun.
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