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Horse-mommies...eye problem???

Has anyone even had this happen to their horse? 

One of my horses every year about this time of the summer gets really bad hives and watery eyes.  We chalk it up to allergies and give him a dose of decadron, keep a fly mask on him to help with the sun sensitivity, and give him cool baths to help with the itching.  Eventually it all clears up and it stops bothering him....

Well this year either he is having a worse reaction then previously or something else is wrong.  I went out to the barn a week ago and his eyes were completely swollen shut, they had a little bit of discharge from the corners but it wasn't yellow or green.  His eyes were itchy because he kept rubbing them on me.  I was able to pry them open to look and they looked a little cloudy and blue tinted (he never has completely clear eyes, he's 14 years old and was abused by his previous owner really bad but his eyes weren't that cloudy before).  I cleaned them out with clear eye, called the vet and was instructed to give him 2 doses of decadron (one dose times 2 days) and then benadryl 250 mg twice a day for 5 days.  That has helped but his eyes are still a little swollen and cloudy. 

Another horse-mommy from the ranch said she had a mare with similar symptoms that had moon blindness and went blind at the age of 8.  The vet doesn't seem concerned, he just thinks it's his allergies.  I don't want to ignore it, but I also don't want to over-react thinking it's something more than that.

Has anyone had a horse that was diagnosed with moonblindness or uveitis?  What were their symptoms?  I've googled this and I am getting conflicting information. 

Thanks and sorry this is so incredibly long.

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Re: Horse-mommies...eye problem???

  • My horse didn't have eye problems, but he had what looked like a cold or sinus infection early last summer.  One vet dismissed it as such and said it would go away on it's own...which it didn't.  I was persistent and followed up with a different vet, who couldn't diagnose and sent us to the closest research hospital (Univ. of Pennsylvania) for diagnosis - and my horse's runny nose turned out to be an infection that 100% would have killed him if left untreated. 

    If the treatment you're currently doing isn't working, talk to a second vet, or insist on a referral to a research hospital.  Sometimes major issues can show similar symptoms to minor issues, and you want to get a diagnosis so you really know what you're dealing with and how to best treat it. Good luck!

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