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How long for a bloody quick to heal?

Max had a party in the pool today- he decided to try to dig through to China and to remove the tile from the water line... seems it is not to his liking. He filed down some of his nails to the bloody quick. I keep dipping them in cornstarch since we don't have any styptic here. He won't tolerate much touching of his paws. Anything else I should try and or how long will it take to heal? TIA and PIP to follow...

Re: How long for a bloody quick to heal?

  • Quicks bleed a lot, but it should stop fairly quickly. If he really got it to the vein, it will take a little longer.

    How long ago did he do it?

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  • Ours normally stops within a few minutes.  It will occasionally start bleeding again later (usually only one more time), but again, it stops pretty quickly.

    You really have to pack the corn starch on there though to clot it well.

    That boy never lets you rest, does he?

  • LOL it was hours ago so I think he'll be hanging out in his ex pen this evening to rest. I've dipped his foot in cornstarch 2x but he's not having it. I figure it hurts too. Oh well, that's a few less nails the groomer has to jack with!
  • Oh Max, can you not give your mom a break!? Pack the cornstarch in there and they should heal up quickly. You may have to do it again later if he's messing with them.
  • Ouch, poor Max!
  • do you have any liquid bandage for B?

    I got Koty's quick and I could.not get it to stop! I had to take him in to get surgical glue put on it :/ He was pretty cranky for a day or so, but it wasn't an issue after that.

    Move along, nothing to see here.....
  • dusk42dusk42 member
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    We have also used liquid band-aid or vet bond. ?
  • I had cut my Tyson's nail to short about a month ago, and I didn't have any QuickStop, so I scraped his toe nail on a bar of soap to try and stop the bleeding. I heard from my mom to do this if I didn't have anything else. It worked, and was a quick fix. I guess the soap that gets scraped off helps to clot the quick.
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