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Update on Charlyze!

We went and picked Charlyze up and she is doing pretty good.  She is hungry, thirsty, and running around some.  The vet said all the pre surgery stuff was good and they prepped her for surgery.  She was given the pre pain meds and anesthesia and the vet walked out to scrub up when the nurse called her back in.  She came back in and Charlyze's heart rate had dropped from 110 to 60bpm.  The vet administered the emergency heart medicine which did nothing for her and actually her heart rate dropped to 20 bpm.  The vet said to abort the surgery and woke Charlyze up.  They administered a second dose of the emergency heart medicine and it slowly came back up.  Her heart rate is back to normal and has been since she woke up.  They did an EKG and some heart xrays on her and we should know something within the week about those.  If there is nothing wrong with the heart then she can go in at a later date (I think we will wait a while) and they will use different medicines.  She has had the pre medication and anesthesia before and same doses, so it would be a new reaction. 

If our vet didn't require constant monitoring of the animals during surgery Charlyze would have died.  I know most people don't like Banfield, but that's where we go and LOVE our vet, her and her team saved Charlyze's life today.


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Re: Update on Charlyze!

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