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That was just wrong...

We went to Make Believe costume store today to pick out costumes for next weekend. (not an easy task when your pg) anyhow, the lady working there goes up to this little girl with a small box and asks "do you want a piece of free candy?" then she holds the box down to the girl and opens it and a large fake spider jumps out at her. We all laughed....until the little girl got really upset and then started acting wierd and couldnt calm down and they had to leave.  Im thinking this little girl was autistic or something like that. The store clerk felt like an as$ im sure.

Re: That was just wrong...

  • Wait? What is next weekend?

    Poor kid...Poor store clerk too...there's very little worse than making a child cry when you were trying to make them laugh. It totally turns you into inst-jerk

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  • image Mrs_Link:

    Wait? What is next weekend?


    Its a work related costume party in daytona bch!

  • Aww poor thing. Yeah, I'd feel like s**t too if I made a child cry while trying to make them laugh...

    I remember one Christmas I wanted to give my dad tickets to a daytona race. I decided to fold the paper up in the hood of a model car my son had. When dad opened the gift, my son go soooo excited and ran to his room to get his car because, "OMG I have the same car!" Well, I had to stop him and tell him I borrowed his car to give the tickets and he started crying he was soo upset. Made me feel like a cheap a$$ for not just getting another car! LOL

  • Man, thats sad and yet hilarious all at the same time:) I bet you felt so bad!
  • Oh I did! I wasn't going to give it to my father, it was just for him to find the tickets inside. My poor son's eyes lit up so bright like, wow I have that same one! Ugh... i hate to see my son cry... especially on xmas!
  • You could have blamed it on Santa....  "honey, it was a mistake, Santa is just getting old and forgetful, and he forgot it was already yours...."


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