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Tell me about St. Augustine.

I thought it might be a fun weekend trip, but I started looking online at what there is to do there and it doesn't look very exciting at all. I must be missing something!

Any other weekend getaway recs would be helpful too. I'm completely over the beach, so I'm looking for something a little different.

Re: Tell me about St. Augustine.

  • St. Augustine is cute for a little day trip because you can walk around St. George Street, the fort, get ice cream, and eat meals. There's also the beach. But other than that, it might not be too exciting. I went there a lot growing up only because we lived in Jacksonville, and St. Aug was such a close drive. But I don't know that I'd recommend it if you're coming all the way from St. Pete.
  • I have not been in many many years (I was in middle school I think lol) but we went to the fort and thr Ripley's Believe It or Not. I remember the little shops and going to the oldest school house. We stayed on the beach so we did that for a little while too. I liked it and I am trying to go back on weekend. We always go to orlando for the weekend if we ever get to go on weekend trips. And I love the beach so even staying in Clearwater for the weekend is nice for me!

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  • I like it because it's a quaint town with a beach.. and it doesn't take much to make me have a good time.  However, I took H there a few years ago and he hated it.  He is the type that likes to have a lot of fun activities and there really isn't all that much to do there.  So I think it really depends on what you are looking for in a trip.
  • Like everyone has said, there's not much that makes St. Augustine "exciting." But I personally love it because of the lack of excitement -- it's super laid-back.

    I love the historical elements of the town, the cute shops and the good restaurants. We spent a day and a half there in January and could've easily spent another day or two there. We didn't get to the winery, and I wouldn't have minded visiting the outlets. ;)

  • We went to the fort, went on a ghost tour, hung around in the historic district/shopping area, went to Ripley's Believe it or not, The Fountain of Youth....I think that's about it! It was nice for a little getaway and change of scenery, but I definitely liked Savannah more.
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  • I love st. augustine, but a weekend trip is probably plenty of time to see the sights. If you go, you've got to check out the st. sebastion winery. They do a free tour and wine tasting, and they let you try a BUNCH of different wines (at least they did when we were there a year ago). In fact, we had so much wine there, I didn't even buy a drink with dinner after the tasting.  There are also lots of different ghost tours that are fun. You can check out ft. jefferson (pretty neat, but it's really, really hot in june!). There are lots of cute restaurants and shops to check out. There's the beach and probably fishing-type things if you go to the water (we didn't do this). Try to stay in a B&B if you can!

  • We love going to St. Augustine! It is a great little relaxing town which is perfect for us when we go on weekend trips(but I wouldn't recommend staying much longer then like 3 days since there is a limited number of things to see/do). We like to stay in a B & B called 33 Spanish Street, the owner is so great & she make sthe best breakfast! We also just like looking around at the shops and eating at the nice little places they had, it is pretty quiet but very relaxing :-)
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