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Pasco people

Do you have OB/GYN you can recommend?  I've had it with my OB.

So it's past 12:30am and I've had a fever that's been hanging around 100.5 since 8pm. It was 98.4 around 6:30-7 and went as high as 100.9.  Not dangerous, but annoying.  I've done all of the things the googles has told me to do - tylenol, water, cold compresses, etc.

As I lay there in bed, shivering my ass off in sweats, I think, "Hmmm, my fever hasn't fallen in 4 hours. It's not high necessarily, but WTF? I don't want to take more tylenol w/o consulting a medical pro. Let me call my doctor."

At this point, since the temp isn't high and the baby is conducting his/her nineteenth Jazzercise class of the day, I see no need to rush myself to the hospital.

I pick up the phone and speed dial my doc, yet the phone co. is telling me the # has been disconnected. No worries - they're moving offices this weekend, and maybe I have a back line stored in my phone. I google the office and dial the main number. Still getting a disconnected message.


I call the OB dept. at my delivery hospital and they suggest I call my doc. I tell them the story, and they say that's the only # they have for my doc. Again, WTF?! The HOSPITAL with which my doctor is exclusively associated doesn't have an emergency # for my docs or midwives?! No on-call number? No bat signal, no carrier pigeons, no cell numbers or pagers? Nothing?!

So the kind nurse took down my name and # either she or the on-call OB doc will call me back.

Add this to the 4,509 other cons on my list about my OB's office.

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Re: Pasco people

  • I'm so sorry you have to go through this! That is completely unnacceptable and I can see why you're fed up. I can tell you from person experience working in a hospital that this sort of thing happens more frequently than it should. There are a couple of docs that I will never recommend to anyone because they're so bad at answering calls. I work in an ICU and patients could be coding and dying and the docs take forever to call back. One doc I know frequently takes 2 hours to call back. Anyway, rant over.......get another OB! I wish I could help you but I live and work in Hillsborough. Good luck!!!
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  • I don?t live in Pasco but: OMG!! I would defiantly change doctors! What is something really did happen and you had to be rushed to the hospital or something? I?m sure another doctor at the hospital could help but still. The hospital should have emergency number for your doctor. GL in finding one!   

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  • Yeah, I'm done.  The hospital never called me back and I never heard from my doc.  And while my fever broke around 4am, it's slowly creeping back up this morning.  I'll probably head to a walkin if it doesn't come down.
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  • I go to Williams/Goldman/Evans who have offices in Tarpon Springs and Trinity.  My husband works with them doing OB anesthesia at Helen Ellis hospital and they are wonderful, very on top of everything as far as office procedures and communication.  (727) 943-BABY
  • When I had Joey I went to Bay Area Women's Care. They were great and they have 9 doctors on staff and even Saturday hours. The only things is, their most northern office is in Countryside. I don't know if they deliver at your hospital or if you want to travel that far, but if you don't mind, they were great!!

    Countryside Office
    3190 McMullen Booth Road, Suite 200, Clearwater, FL 33761

    Telephone: (727)447-7786

  • Thx ladies.  I'll definitely be making calls on Monday.
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