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This is the Response I Got...

Dear Janelle:
Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.  If you believe any of your copyrighted work has been misappropriated by anyone and appears on Project Wedding without your authorization, please provide us with a Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice (see our Terms of Service at http://www.projectwedding.com/info/terms_of_service#s11) and we will remove such content in compliance with such law.  In this case, we have voluntarily removed the screen name and reviews you brought to our attention until we can conduct an investigation as to this matter.
Project Wedding
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Re: This is the Response I Got...

  • Yeah, that's the exact same response I got.
  • image lauren9317:
    Yeah, that's the exact same response I got.

    That's what I wanted to see...if we were getting the same responses.  Thanks.

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  • Do they expect all of you to have copy writes on your vendor reviews? Who would copy write something like that? At least they took them down!

    I love my crazy child!

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  • MrsMEWMrsMEW member
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    I got the same thing.

    My thing is that I know my stuff isn't copyrighted. But if they are trying to run a business, it's pretty misleading to use other people's reviews from competitor's wedding websites (copyrighted or not) and pass them off as reviews from their OWN brides. I have no problem with my reviews being used (mine were copied verbatim and not changed in any way, so I stand by them) - but they should not misrepresent their source. Shady, shady.

    Ellie ~ 3.29.12
    Wedding | Blog
  • I got the same thing.  I'm bothered that the fake screen name was close to my blog name so it seems that it might be someone local. 
  • I could be wrong, but isn't all works copyrighted whether you "officially" copyright them or not?  I seem to remember my college English professor telling us that. ??
  • when people u know get married word of mouth is a biotch they'll end up losing business...kinda like how multi bad reviews on theknot can ruin a business...Amazing how companies try and get their site looking all nice and visited when it is BS....Nice to see that if something isn't copyrighted they can just do as they please with it....Wonder if they decide after their "investigation" that there isn't a "copyright" on it and just repost it....will be interesting to see

  • I got that too.  My problem wasn't that they copied what I said but that they actually paraphrased and made stuff up.  That was just as bad IMO b/c the fact that they copied my date and vendors exactly, made it look like I wrote something that I did not.  We'll see what happens with this.  Has anyone mentioned this to the WCF ladies on The Knot so that they're aware that it might not be a good site to go to if you want honest reviews of vendors?  I don't know if that's allowed on TK, but it seems like they shouldn't have a problem with it since I'd assume Project Wedding is a "competitor" of theirs and not a paying advertiser. 
  • image mzpinay:
    I could be wrong, but isn't all works copyrighted whether you "officially" copyright them or not?  I seem to remember my college English professor telling us that. ??

    Yes.  Notice is permissive aka you don't have to put "Copyright 2008 blondeG8Rbride" for it to be copyrighted.  But if you read the link that Kristeen gave, they are asking for notice to be given to the infringer, which would be PW as a third-party infringer.  But copyright law is not my strong point...

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  • I got the same thing this afternoon from [email protected] I'm going to do further investigation into this...
  • I got the same email at some point between leaving work and getting home.  I just wrote back and this is what I wrote -

    I appreciate you voluntarily removing them, however, I'm surprised that you want such strong documentation when it's very easy to see that these reviews were forged and false.  I know many people pointed this out to you so I hope you are as alarmed by this as we were to discover it.

     You have upset many local brides and it will definitely hurt your business if it continues.  It is also so misleading to brides who think they are reading genuine reviews from others when in fact many of the reviews were changed or paraphrased.  It was also very disconcerting to see that each of these false reviewees had the same 2 friends, who happened to be affiliated with your company.  You may want to internally investigate  the staff of ProjectWedding because it seems like some unethical work may be happening behind the scenes.  I am now very weary of this website as a former bride and as a wedding planner in the area.  I will be steering clear of it in the future and urging others to as well unless I see some positive changes.  Good luck to you, I hope your investigation sheds some light on this situation that made so many of us feel personally violated.

    I'm sure Flvintage could have worded it better but I felt like I still needed to respond.  I kind of felt threatened by her legalese thrown in there and it seemed like she was acting like she was doing me (us) a favor by taking down the reviews.  Hello, don't you want your site to be honest??  Eh.. it's Friday, I'm done with work, I need a glass of wine.. or 4.

  • Oh no, Shawna, you put that more eloquently than I could have.  Take that Project Wedding!  Stick out tongue
  • I already got a response before I could even break open the wine.. grrr.  It's not very informative though -


    Hi Shawna -
    In this case, the form wasn't necessary.  That's our general policy about such claims.  We went ahead and removed the reviews.
    As far as the friends, when a user signs up for Project Wedding, Joe and Margaret are automatically their friends -- just like Tom on MySpace.

  • MrsMEWMrsMEW member
    Sixth Anniversary

    Ha. From that response, Shawna, I read, "we get so many of these complaints about our shady behavior that we couldn't be bothered to come up with a personal one for you." That's so nice.

    Shawna, did you mention before that you were going to contact Knot Annie about it? I just wonder if somehow it violates something on the Knot's end...I know not all of our bios were hosted on the theknot.com, since some of us used googlepages, etc. but mine was. I just wondered what the knot thinks about things being lifted from their brides' bios on their site.

    Ellie ~ 3.29.12
    Wedding | Blog
  • Shawna,

    Wow! That was written really well!

    This is what I wrote:


    Thank you for your reply, as well as for removing the falsified reviews. Having spoken with other Tampa-area brides, it's my understanding that this form is not necessary and the posts will remain down. We certainly appreciate you being so accommodating.

    I am relieved to hear you are conducting an investigation into this matter. This has alarmed many local brides and I'm fairly certain it's not limited to the West Coast Florida area. I don't know if people were hired to encourage brides to post their reviews and simply took the easy way out by pilfering them through Wedding Wire or The Nest... or if, perhaps, it's one or two random individuals who thought it would be fun to create a bunch of alter-egos, taking the proverbial words out of others' mouths.?

    Regardless, the wedding industry is a field that should be known for both helpfulness.... as well as integrity. I loved all but two of my vendors and I definitely want them to get the recognition they deserve. However, to see my written material copied virtually word for word with a few gross distortions was disconcerting to say the least.?

    I do wish your site much success, but would suggest that it may be prudent to focus your attention to some of the current practices. I'm sure it does not come as news to you that brides enjoy talking and are capable of making or breaking a business.?
    All the best,


  • Very nice replies Shawna and Meagan.  I would just use one of yours but I think that may hurt my point haha.
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  • image mzpinay:
    I could be wrong, but isn't all works copyrighted whether you "officially" copyright them or not?  I seem to remember my college English professor telling us that. ??

    Yes, we went over this in my Mass Comm and Law class.  Even though you don't have an official copyright for a thing it is still copyrighted.  You have an intellectual copyright on things that are ideas that you have as well.  

    I looked at the protection of blog post earlier and you can put up a banner that says that you stuff is copyrighted.  That should be all the proof they need.  

    How dare they says, "If you can prove that it's yours we'll take it down."  Isn't it enough that you emailed about it?!

  • image blondeG8Rbride:
    Very nice replies Shawna and Meagan.  I would just use one of yours but I think that may hurt my point haha.

     Haha! Unless you ended it with a copy of a borrowed copyright or something :)

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